May 8, 2011

“Shoulda,Coulda, Woulda"

I’m not always able to stick to my plans every day when looking at my “To Do” list, and heck, I have to accept this fact upfront because it certainly could alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress for myself.

My moods were swinging all over the map the other day rushing to get to the dealership for a repair that was still under warranty yet, I was informed once I got there that the part needed to be ordered. Therefore, I was less likely to follow through on my original agenda for the day, as I have a tendency to be a methodical person and like things done in an orderly fashion.

Once I got home, I received an email from the Dealership that the part had arrived and I could go back to have it put in. Did I forget to mention that my wait turned into four and one half hours! Grrrrrrrr! I don’t even what to go there with the details!

I tried to suppress my feelings so I could remain open to them but I was annoyed that I missed my Silver Sneakers Class because of this.

Maintaining objectivity now became exhausting and my day was unproductive. I kept telling myself that I would feel much better once I gave myself permission to temporarily relinquish control.

So, I went home with my day all screwed up and as usual my phone is always ringing off the wall the minute I put the key in the door.

Do you have friends that continue to ask you questions about things that happened 20 years ago, that perhaps you choose to forget about them? Hmmmm! And, people wonder why I have such severe insomnia??? I don’t want to continue reliving my past…

I try so hard not to focus on the past but to focus on the future instead. When we spend too much time looking back at past events, we get caught up in the “shoulda, coulda woulda,” mental talk.

I’ve learned from my past and I had a hard time of letting it go. Yet, sometimes, people want to keep bringing up painful memories for some reason or another.

Life is best when you can allow what you do to flow directly from who you are. I realized that when my actions are filled with purpose and meaning, they are the ones that create the most value.

Life hands us many different situations and circumstances.

There is a wealth of abundance in the person you are. To fully tap into that abundance, you just gotta let your actions be guided by real and meaningful purpose.

I work hard to allow my efforts to flow from who I am. And, I find that real value will flow from those efforts. I find that energy grows stronger and stronger when I commit to make something meaningful to happen, it truly creates a new source of energy.

Ever notice that what you must have, you suddenly have the ability to acquire and what you must know, you suddenly are able to discover? True intention is not merely a mental exercise. It is a powerful, gut force.

Today is Mother’s Day and I’m anxiously waiting for my son’s visit from Boston.

Happy Mother’s Day to all out there that apply!


  1. Happy Mother's Day Rose! I learned a long time ago not to stress myself out with things that are beyond my control. My favorite saying is, "Take the day in front of you and make the most of it." It's all anyone can do. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Happy Mother's Day! It is very difficult when people who can't let go of the past, keep bringing things up, when we HAVE already let go. It's very draining. I guess maybe a question back is to ask the person how you can help them "get past that" and move on to some positive energy. If done sincerely, maybe that can help the situation and relationships maintained and everyone happy. Believe me, I've dealt with all this myself and after a while it just drains you of who you are and who you CAN be! So a well done entry. Happy Mother's day to you!!

  3. A very Happy Mothers Day! So nice your son could come.

  4. Happy Mother's Day Rose.
    It is hard to deal with people who bring up things from the past. We were all different people then, than we are now. Don't regret anything from the past. It all contributed to creating who you are now.

  5. It is a fruitless exercise to continually worry over something that happened so long ago, and I'm so sorry that you are plagued by people who try to use you as their audience.

  6. I know what you mean about to do lists, but have found that sometimes you just have to ease up on yourself about them. That auto repair story is typical ... but there's only so much we can plan for, right? I guess sometimes to do lists just have to go out the window ... until the next day!

  7. If you only have one thing on the list for each day, you can cut the list down tremendously.