April 30, 2009

This Pandemic is giving me the crazies!

The News is reporting that the situation continues to evolve rapidly. Scary!

They stated that there are officially reported 257 cases of influenza infection. Yikes! The United States Government has reported 109 laboratory confirmed human cases, including one death. Mexico has reported 97 confirmed human cases of infection, including seven deaths.

The following countries have reported laboratory confirmed cases with no deaths - Austria (1), Canada (19), Germany (3), Israel (2), Netherlands (1), New Zealand (3), Spain (13), Switzerland (1) and the United Kingdom (8).

Every News station that I watched all are saying for people who are ill to delay international travel and for people developing symptoms following international travel to seek medical attention, in line with guidance from national authorities.

There is also no risk of infection from this virus from consumption of well-cooked pork and pork products. But, I don't know about you but I'm not going to eat pork anytime soon.

The only advice they are giving us is to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water on a regular basis and should seek medical attention if they develop any symptoms of influenza-like illness.

Well, germ-o-phobic me, went everywhere to purchase some face masks. CVS, Walgreens, etc were all sold out. Then I thought of Home Depot in their Paint Section and they have plenty on their shelves as of yesterday. I guess most people were thinking of going to drugstores. The drugstores all informed me they are all waiting for another shipment. N95 style is recommended if anyone is interested.

I met the girls for Happy Hour last night and I must have used the liquid sanitizer several times throughout the night, after reading the menu for some appetizers, then again after I ate, then again and again. Yikes! This Pandemic is giving me the crazies!

I've noticed signs all over Palm Beach County here in Florida to "Be secure in an unsure world".

The stores are now selling emergency kits including disaster supplies that will help you be secure in any natural or man-made disaster including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, flu pandemics, fires and other emergencies. The prices for these kits and fancy suitcase style compartments with wheels are quite pricey. I'm sure you can obtain all the necessary supplies and put them in an overnight type suitcase. Most all the kits contained the face masks and sani wipes and water tablets.

Stay safe my friends and let's pray this will all be under control. Why don't they kill all the pigs like Egypt did? It will take some fears away.........not all but perhaps some. Let's all keep this pig off of the Internet and out of our countries! Swine!



  1. If your going to get it your going to get it.
    You can't get it from eating pork, it is an airborne illness.

  2. Rose, please don't be so worried about this. Garnett is right, this is strictly an airborne infection, and you can have all the pulled pork and baby back ribs you want--you can't get it from eating pork products (even Spam).

    Masks don't really help much, either, unless they're respirator masks (like we used in the lab when working with TB). They are more protection against someone transmitting it if they have it, than you catching it, if you see what I mean.

    The best defense is to wash your hands often, and try to keep from touching your nose or eyes. Just like with the regular flu. We're all going to be okay!!

    Hugs, Beth

  3. There are so many different kinds of flu that the flu shot doens't cover and this is one of them. Lots of people don't get the shot anyway. I think the main thing is that if people get sick they should stay at home. But they don't. They go to work and shopping etc.
    Washing hands is important, but I don't know if wearing a mask would help I haven't heard much about that. Meanwhile I'm getting my rest, drinking liquids and taking my vitamins as always. Take care.

  4. Do what ever makes you feel comfortable. Me, In a few weeks I am headed toward the North East EAt some Clam Chowder, LOBSTA, MAYBE some Spaghetti stuff ourselves and then head out in the woods and dare the wild life to give us the SWINE FLU. LOL We will stop in NY's Rondout Valley first.
    Hey, A couple months ago I attended Aunt Nee's 89th BD party in Lake Park. I kissed a sweet elderly Italian lady 98. Beautiful area, the Swine Flu would not dare enter!!!!!!
    Love ya!
    Jack & Sherry now in NC

  5. Hi Rose,
    I guess there's not much we can do other than follow the advice of the professionals ... wash our hands more frequently and etc. I have been carrying a small bottle of Purell around and just apply some occasionally to my hands just in case ...

  6. Rose dont worry about all the swine flu hype. they did this in the 70's too and created a vaccine and gave it to people (and it was for swine flu too) and guess what the vaccineated people all got sick. Some even became paralyzed. This is all being blown out of proportion, AGAIN. Its just hype Rose.

  7. All will be fine Rose, I too am using more of the PURELL ( wish I had stock in that) than I ever did before, I do carry the little size in my purse. I just am being careful. that really is about all you can do

  8. Johnny Walker cures all ailments and kills that stupid little piggy virus...at least I hope so.