April 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

I said to myself this week "The heck with housework"....the dust bunnies can dance around all they want until next week......I just plain refuse to lift a broom! There is more to life than constantly cleaning.....I was always such a "Clean Freak".......yes, it's nice to have a sparkling clean house but lets face it....how much of a mess can one person make in a small condo? Hey, plus there is no "Spring" in Florida! There is no seasons! Just hot and hotter!
Hey, I still need to do my laundry.....you need clean bloomers and clean sheets on the bed! But as far as the rest of the house....I'm on strike this week and grabbed an interesting book to read and got comfy on a lounge chair by the pool sipping on my "Bottled" water and munching on "Soy" chips.....yeah, it's on my diet. I would have preferred a Pizza and Scotch on the rocks instead! Where is Johnny Walker?

Well, perhaps I will catch up with Johnny Walker later this week, as I plan on going out for a change and check out the nightlife once again. I'm getting cabin fever and I need to dance! I miss mingling with ease and allowing gentlemen to flatter me in their effortlessly charming way! Well, I'm remembering way back when a gentleman could still do that! Charm me that is! LOL Perhaps, it's just because it's "Spring" that I want to go out.............LOL Or maybe I'm just getting jealous that Sully is having a blast in Miami and I'm further up in Boca bored out of my mind! I need to find my own "Area 51"! All the good hangouts closed.

A special thank you to Sully for sending me some great music!

To Rhonda, glad you took the first step to stop smoking! You go girl! So proud of you. Just hang it there, no one said it would be easy!


  1. There is more to life than cleaning for sure. I do as little as possible and probably should do more, but hey there is not a soul around that really cares. I have no night life. Go to bed early and go to work M-F. But I do enjoy the weekends away at the camper. Thre are no men there either...Just lots of married couples and their kids. But it is better than sitting at home alone.
    'On Ya'-ma

  2. I've seen a picture online of a 50's woman (the June Cleaver-type) with a perky smile, saying, "I understand the concept of cooking and cleaning, just not as it applies to me!" I love that!

    Our house could definitely be cleaner, but it's not a pit, and I don't obsess over a little dust. I'm not perfect, but then I've never pretended to be!

    Hope we get to hear about your fun night out this weekend...!

    Hugs, Beth

  3. Spring cleaning...I almost forgot about that. If I wait a few more min. maybe I can forget about it again. I saw these dusting slippers on Leno last night. You can dust the floors as you walk down the hall, when you stop to think about it, not a bad idea..

    Your right, go out and have a good time. The dust bunnies can wait.

  4. Hi Rose,
    I didn't realize you were in Boca. Nice area! As for the Spring Cleaning, I agree with you. Get out and enjoy life ... I'll bet your condo is already clean, anyhow, it's just a question of whether you need it to be sparklingly antiseptic.

  5. i spent the first two days of my vacation spring cleaning, now i am with you on the taking it easy, trading a chaise lounge for my couch and the soy chips and water for beer (nature's perfect carbs).

    enjoy yourself!!!


  6. You gotta love a gal with cvlean Bloomers! LOL Just a little warning, you have heard many times, watch out for Walkers, especially Johnny. LOL.

    Hope you get cured of the Spring fever where you don't have any spring. We miss Florida all ready.

    Yeah go out and dance the night away, but stick with the diet until you reach what ever youare shooting for. It won't take long.

    But go dancing with the stars or at least under them!

  7. I need the warmer weather! We've had rain, rain and rain.

  8. i'm on strike all the time with my cleaning. somehow i manage to squeeze in a bit here, a bit there. go dance! there is more to life than cleaning. hugz~kbear

  9. Cleaning is not on my list either. I have a million other things that are more important...like playing with the cat, reading, computing, watching TV. I'm way too busy to worry about cleaning. lol.
    Hugs, Joyce

  10. You sound like you are still up for having a good time. My kinda girl!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog today.

  11. Hope you have a successful sojourn this weekend and get some dancing and charming in :o)

  12. I hate cleaning house! The problem is that if I get too far behind, it frightens the potential guests that sometimes stop by for a drink.

    By the way, there's a great Italian restaurant and bar called Capriccios on University Drive in Broward that I've partied and performed at that you might enjoy.