April 3, 2009

Is it Easter Yet??????????

Is it Easter Yet?

Hi Everyone!

Happy Easter and hare's hopping you find eggsactly what you're hopping for in your Easter basket! You know, after all of these years something finally dawned on me. Bunnies don't lay eggs! No one ever heard of the Easter Chicken......It's the Easter Bunny!

Sending love and candy kisses to all of you on Easter! Hope you are all enjoying your colored eggs...chocolate bunnies...baby marshmallow chicks...Treasure hunts....and a seat at the bar at Area 51! That one was for you Sully! Oh and Rhonda too! LOL

Easter Eggs painting


  1. It will be here before you know it. Can't say we do anything special for Easter but I still buy candy for the g/kids. Wish I were soaking up the sun down yonder where you are. LOL.
    Hugs, Joyce

  2. Ahhhh, it does bring back fond memories when we did die the eggs. wrote ont he eggs eith a magiec pencil. Boiled them hoping they did not crack. Having the messy dye on the kitchen cabinets. Knowing one kid was going to spill some.
    But yeah, I always loved the Easter Chicken. LOL
    Have a great day

  3. Thank you for the cute
    Easter greetings today. I'll be doing the egg hunt with my grand children today...if the weather cooperates we'll be outside.
    'On Ya'-ma

  4. What a lovely greeting! Glad to see you posting Rose! Blessings to you!

  5. Easter Already !
    Only 8 months till Christmas!

  6. Hi Rose,
    Hmmm ... good point. Why do we have an Easter Bunny rather than a hen?

  7. I can't believe Easter will be here next week already!!

  8. "Easter chicken" was one of those remarks, an inside joke, actors would insert in a line trying to break up another actor.

  9. Hey Ma! Time flies and it will be here real quick! I'm making Prime Rib for Easter, and guess what???? Hopefully for Mother's Day too! I'm going to Shaw's after work tonight to see if they have any left! Yum Yum! Can't wait to see you. The Cig thing is really really hard. but I only had 2 last night when Jimmy was over, which Brian was very impressed, he thought I'd fall right off the wagon but i did good. Any way, i'll email you separately. Luv you, Child #3!

  10. This all brings back fond memories of the many easter egg hunts we had here. One year when the children were done with the hunt in the yard and were in the house counting up their goodies, my nephew empties his bag on the table and counts out 8 eggs and one toad ! He was so proud.....

  11. Happy Easter Rose! love the graphics here:-). can't believe it's April already. hugz~kbear

  12. It's funny that you should mention the Easter Chicken, of all things. You'll understand when you read my Friday post,

    We must be sending telepathic emails.