December 5, 2008

Traditional vs. Tropical Christmas

Roses Are Read Snowman

Happy Holidays

Who says Christmas in subtropical South Florida can't compete with the traditional northern one? Just look at all the parallels!


Snowfall /Sunshine

Hot Chocolate/ Pina Colada

Douglas Fir/Coconut Palm

Long Johns /Thong Bikinis

Potted Poinsettia (Wilting)/ Planted Poinsettia (Healthy)

Sleigh Ride/ Surfing

Chestnuts on an open fire/ Shrimps on the barbie

Ice Skating /In Line Skating

Holly Wreath /Seashell Wreath

Frostbite /Sunburn

Plastic Reindeer/ Pink Flamingo

Snowman/ Sand Castle

Partridge in a pear tree /Parrot in an orange tree

Marching Christmas Bands/ Christmas Boat Parades


  1. Sand castles and orange trees sound really wonderful right now. It is 19 degrees here this morning.
    BrrrChill! Thanks for a little reminder that there is really still some warmth in the world.
    'On Ya'-ma

  2. Send some warmth to the northeast.

  3. And, my Florida friends think I'm crazy when I tell them I miss New England and would move back in a heartbeat!


  4. Ahh, the beauty of the fresh fallen snow on a crisp winter morn.
    Reality check, you have to shovel it, plow it, walk in it and even worse drive in it. It only stays crisp for a little while. I guess I am not the hardy New Englander I should be. Give me the Sun and you can have my shovel....

  5. I"ve wanted one of those decorated palm trees and a flamingo in a santa hat every Christmas I've lived in Florida.... And I still don't have them. G threatens to move out for the month of December if I even look at them in the store LOL!

  6. I'd love to live in a warm climate, but Christmas would never be the same without cold weather and snow. LOL

  7. Very cute! Want us to send you some snow? ;)

    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Beth

  8. Hey! My bags are packed and I'm comin' down!!

  9. LOL..each one looks really inviting to me. love the snow, but i also love the sunshine we have here:-). hugz~kbear

  10. Your blog is so Christmassy! I love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your words, this past week. I appreciate it very much.

  11. Love your Christmas blog and I'm
    crazy about the bouncing snowman. I ran over to Home Depot to pick up some pointsettias for the front of my house to make it a little cheerful. I may even breakdown and put some lights on my palm trees. Janice

  12. I choose tropical ( as if I had a choice). Merry Christmas.


  13. 12 below Zero yesterday, freezing rain & Snow today, My poor mother in law called from Okeechobee and said it had cooled down into the 60's, the poor thing, lol:

    Nice enjoyable post as usual;

    take care; stay warm;