December 28, 2008

My graphics are back! Yippee~

As promised, Photobucket reinstated my graphics on the 27th. Of course, that made my day!

I attented my girlfriend, Laurie's Birthday Bash last night and oh what a party it was! I don't remember going home so late in a long time. It was a catered affair with class!

I'll post an entry later when I get rid of my hangover!


  1. how you get a hangover??lol happy new year to you,take care love mort xx

  2. Hope you are feeling better. I, too, have had a nasty cough for a month now. I am on some cough medicine. The weather here is depressingly cold and snowy. Today everything is frozen . I am sitting here at my computer with Nathaniel, my nephew who is almost three. He knows as much about computers as I do. He is amazing. He keeps me busy and happy too. Go to his website to check he and his sister out.
    Joanne N.