December 13, 2008

Is your tree up yet?

Roses Are Read Snowman

Hello Everyone!

I get the biggest kick out of the bouncing Snowman but the Reindeer crackes me on the cookie the shape of a Christmas Tree and he stops to eat it. If it doesn't work the first time, click on the cookie again! It's a hoot!

So, have all of you put your Christmas tree up yet? Did you check all your lights first? You all know how annoying that can be once you arrange all the lights on the tree and one set doesn't work!.....Ugh!

I have been a catalog Christmas shopper for years starting with Spiegel when I was in my 20's. Then after the computer age....I prefer to shop online only with stores that I'm familiar with.....I avoid the madness in the stores, the long lines and searching for a parking space. I usually find mostly everything I need with the touch of the mouse! And, since I live in more lines at the post office....just click "Ship To" and my gifts are delivered. Cool Beans!

Have any of you seen that new marketing ploy directed at women? The "Right-Hand Ring". I couldn't believe this particular Christmas jewelry ad aimed at "power women" with gorgeous and dazzling diamond settings designed (supposedly) for right-hand wear only. Treat yourself---you've earned it! Women work and can buy for themselves! scream the ads in large print, placed in women magazines such as Vogue, etc.

While I love a diamond as much as the next gal, I have to wonder if this isn't all a clever marketing trick designed specifically to prey on our culture's current obsession with working, powerful women and mothers. But do we really need another Hallmark Holiday aimed directly at a flock of female consumers. And, especially during today's economy! Well, of course, we will always have the "rich and famous" with money to burn!

I ended the week with a miserable night at a Christian's Single's Dance, ironically the idea was from a Jewish member of the Widow's Group! hehehehe....I've been to these Single's Dances before and oh, how I hate when they instruct you to form a circle around the dance floor and when the music stops every 5 minutes you change partners....oh my....I had enough of that! It would have been nice if there were a decent ballroom dancer in the crowd at least. There were the same faces from my first experience at these dances about 3 years ago. Waste of a $10 admission fee.

Hey, I know at my age group....there would be no George Clooney look alikes around but give me a break...Che Faccia di bow wows! If these guys have to be that uncaring about their appearance...can't they at least learn how to dance and use deodorant and a sports jacket would be nice too? And, these stingy old men don't even offer to buy you a drink! I did, however, enjoy the talented musicians. Great music, lousy dancers.....a recipe for a miserable night! It's not easy being widowed and single again when you are in your 60s! I'm used to a different era when a man offered you a seat at the would never see a woman standing.....they sent drinks over to you from across the room just to be polite. And, all the men were always well groomed. The Glitter is Gone!

We women no longer have our svelte figures and flawless, young complexions but at least we make an effort in our appearance to look good when we go out at night. Oh and all the primping...... manicure, pedicure, hair, makeup.....hours and hours of preparation to look good only to meet a bunch of men wearing jeans and looking like they belong at the beach! That's why most weekends, I'm home with a good book lounging in my "Boston" TShirt and eating a tuna fish sandwich! LOL


  1. Sounds like a nightmare. Do not give up, there are some decent guys, at all age groups out there :o)

  2. Had ours up for 2 weeks now.
    cant read your blog those 2 colors don't work

  3. ok it was not done down loading now i can read it

  4. Rose, our tree is going up tomorrow. A couple of years ago, we bought one (post-Christmas sale!) that is pre-lit. We love it! No more messing around with strands of lights and that pesky bulb that decides to stop working!

    I am totally with you when it comes to online shopping. That's how I do the majority of mine, especially this time of year. If you told me you'd give me $100 if I spent 2 hours at the mall, I'd probably turn it down. Ugh!

    I'm sorry your dance was such a bust. What a shame that those guys don't know how to clean up, or how to treat a lady, but as my hubby wrote, don't give up. There are still good ones out there!

    "there would be no George Clooney look alikes around but give me a break...Che Faccia di bow wows!"

    ROFL! That cracked me up!

    Love, Beth

  5. Well, I was about to tell you that I agreed a book at home sounded more fun...but then Ken (Bucko's) comment made more sense. lol. Don't give up.
    Have fun regardless.

  6. I've never been to a singles dance, but I've get to meet an available man at my age who doesn't want someone 20 years younger. I'v just about given up. At least you tried. I loved Speigels catalog too ! 'On Ya'-ma

  7. Well, the Christmas tree is not up but the Menorah is ready to be lit! ; ) I love the decorations and all, just not before Thanksgiving. Overkill! I too shop online, with the malls over crowded and parking a nightmare - who needs it? Thank goodness my 20 something year olds (5 kids)love receiving gift certificates. No more wrapping until the wee hours. I KNOW I save money, not by going to the mall.
    Sorry the dance was a bust, but keep on trying. I know exactly who said, "Let's go"... ; )) Look at it this way, it can only get better!

  8. We put up our tree right after Thanksgiving. This year I had to clip off the "pre-lit" lights off the tree. They only worked for two years, then they all bit the dust. I dont recommend this kind of tree, better to throw a string of lights on it!

  9. I know what you mean about going to 'senior' dances or the like. I haven't been to a dance, but did go to 'senior' game night at my church near Dallas, when I lived there. None of the men seemed very interested, just were there to have somewhere to go besides bar-hopping. If you do meet one who seems interested in you, they just want someone to cook for them and clean their house. NO THANKS !!! Let them hire a maid!! I hope Bucko is right, for your sake, but for me - I just don't even bother anymore, because I can guarantee, there are more sleezy ones than there are good ones out there. But don't listen to me, I have learned to be a real cynic because of some men I have met. Better luck to you!!

  10. not putting a lot of deecorations up,really dont feel up to it,got a small fibre optic one in lounge n that is it.better luck next time with the dance lol.still a few decent fellas out there. well thers one here in norfolk, take care love mort xxx

  11. well i have my tree up already. if you missed it, i painted it anyways i'm glad you at least got sum good music while you were out. one day your prince will come again. hang in there.~kbear

  12. No tree yet but there's still hope. There are still a lot of dashing bachelors on the loose but you won't find them at a seniors dance, unless of course they're college seniors.

    Chivalry is not dead, it's just that most men don't get it (which makes for less competition).


  13. Ya sure, click on the cookie and watch the raindeer eat it, NICE, ya got me!


  14. OMG, the stories I could tell regarding being single again over a certain age. It could either be a horror novel or a mystery novel, but definately not a romantic novel!