March 6, 2008

Thinking Positive

I remember when I was young, I made all my own clothes.  Coming from a large family, either I learned how to sew or continue to wear hand-me-downs that never fit properly.  So I realized at a young age that when I used to thread the eye of a needle, I was able to create some truly beautiful outfits and at an amazing savings as well.  I believed at the time that I could make better and more beautiful outfits than what was on the store racks and I did.  I never wanted my clothes to look "homemade"....I wanted them to look "professional", I guess that was a form of positive thinking and I was not even aware of "positive thinking" at the age of 12 when I started sewing.
So, like the sewing machine was a creative tool for me when I was young, I feel that same way now with my computer today.  I'm just making different creations.....not clothes but thoughts and experiences to share and photo albums to create....just an endless opportunity with a click of the mouse to amuse others and entertain myself as well!
My computer helps me keep the faith which is extraordinary, we all are living with obstacles and doubt, you just have to use them to pave the way to a new direction for yourself and make sure you to follow that path that makes you feel good.   A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action.  I learned that whatever the mind expects, the mind finds and that allows the law of attraction that these books are talking about.  But, you certainly cannot not ignore dangers lurking around the corners and always have to practice caution because we do not live in a perfect world but we can create nearly perfect thoughts!

Not everyone accepts or believes in positive thinking.  Some consider the topic as just nonsense, and others scoff at people who believe and accept it.  The people who accept it, not many know how to use it effectively to get results.  Yet, many of my friends and acquaintances are now discussing the subject and they are now reading many books, attending lectures and taking courses about it.  It is certainly gaining popularity now yet it has been around for centuries.

So, I say to all of you out there "Think Positive".  We all have a tendency to occasionally have negative thoughts and it is hard to pull yourself back on track and go down the Positive Road again but you can do it!




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