March 29, 2008

Why I keep a Journal/Blog



I have conversed with many people that stop by my Journal to leave a Comment which is nice.  At first it felt strange as a lot were from total strangers and also many from my personal friends as well.  The real magic of the Internet isn't in high-tech gizmos and complicated computer codes and lingo.  It's in each individual's ability to converse with the rest of world.  

I love AOL because it is so user friendly and I think they were one of the first companies to realize the need for people to go online and be able to reach one another with tools like Email, Instant Messaging, Sharing Photo Albums, Chat Rooms (which I don't use).  I did peek in "MySpace" but felt uncomfortable in that site and certainly will not be a member of that....just my personal feelings about it.  I think UTube is a hoot!

Journals/Blogs can be entertaining, it can be informational, and it can be enlightening.  But the most important part of a Journal is that you have a bunch of all new faceless online friends. It allows others to look at your thoughts and follow your topics and then add comments and perspectives on what you've written about. 

Basically, a Journal is a lot like a diary.  You can talk about anything and everything.  My personal Journal is my way to leave my footprints in the sand!

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