December 31, 2007

Sorority Sisters!

Hello Everyone!

So excited to tell you that the gathering of all our girlfriends at Diane Beatrice's house yesterday was amazing!  Diane was a marvelous hostess to say the least!  Seeing everyone was a walk down memory lane.  Diane and Chuckie both mentioned that the gathering was all planned around my visit with them.  Wasn't that the sweetest thing to do for a friend!

The sorority girls that were not able to attend were Janice Scandone, Dora DiBartolomeo, Jeanine Erricola, Janet Campello, Anne Farrell, Estelle Follett, Janice Manuele and the Esposito sisters (Annette and Camille).  Lianna Andreottola just moved to Florida so she did not attend as well.  But we certainly had an amazing turnout. 

As the doorbell rang and each started to flow in...I had my camera ready to capture that special shot of them walking in the door.  Oh much much many things to discuss.....who remembered something real special about you and who had pictures with them to share about their children and grandchildren.

After I return home, I will create an online photo album to forward to all that have an email address.

Friendship has the same power and influence over your life as family relationships, sometimes even more.  Close friendships have special connection about them that allow each person to share their lives and secrets. We learn and grow from friendships just as we do from relationships within families and those with lovers.

My childhood friends taught me how to trust, to love, to share, to care.  I think if you can maintain good friendships at that point in your life, you will generally follow the same patterns throughout your life.

Sometimes you meet someone and there is a special connection from the onset. And my friendship with Diane started in Grammar School along with the other special classmates.  I feel that it is a often a recognition on the soul level. Your frequencies match, you feel a link or special bond, and you want to spend more time together.

Then we have other friendships that I feel are Karmic friendships who are the people who come into our lives for learning lessons. They may be lifelong friendships or short term. The lessons can be positive or negative, depending on what one's soul is searching for at that time. It is all about the experience.



  1. Hi Rosie,
                 Thank you for your lovely sentiments regarding our "GIrlfriends" get together at Diane's house Sunday. I truly enjoyed every moment of it. The food, the renewed friendships, and the love was so overwhelming. I hadn't seen some of these girls since 1962. Yikes! They haven't changed a bit. They are all the same great women that I remember. Diane was so gracious to have us all there. I couldn't believe the variety of food. It was fabulous. All her friends that helped to make the day were really wonderful. Donna, Priscilla, and Paula to name a few. I am looking forward to receiving your photo album online and want to thank you in advance for sharing these momentous pictures. I shall make copies for myself and cherish them. I look forward to our next reunion in 2012, but hope to see some of the girls sooner than that.
                I want to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year too. Have a safe trip home to Florida and think of us when you hear of the next snow storm. We'll be thinking of you too. All my love to you and yours. Until the next time we see each other, Via Con Dios.

                                                                                              Joanne Nardone

  2. Hi Rosie,

    I had a great time at Diane's house and alot of laughs.
    Seeing all the girls brought back alot of memories of the
    old days at R.H.S.

    It was so good to see all but it was too short.
    I am hoping that we can all get together again soon.

    I hope you had a safe trip home and thanks again for
    all the stories and laughs we had that great day.


    No more 37 meatballs. Cut down on all the coking!!!!