February 2, 2013

Raising children in today's world!

Raising children in today’s world!

Just typing those words sends me into a frenzy of emotions. How is possible to raise well balanced, happy and healthy children today? How do the young mothers of today equip them for a life in this troubled world? When I was a child, growing up was simple; life was less complicated, I wasn't but life was.

A mother is constantly worrying about their children no matter their age.

Pesticides, Bugs And Toxins, Oh My! what's lurking in your food or the water you are drinking or the shampoo you are washing your hair with? I think the best alternative is to have your own garden if possible in a "green house". But, not everyone can do this. I grew up with a 2 acre garden that my father grew all our vegetables and we had our own fruit trees. And, a shed that housed our own chickens.

Now, everyone has to spend so much time reading labels when grocery shopping unless you are on a organic plant diet.  We have to protect ourselves and our family from pesticides.  Harsh chemicals are in everything we eat, touch............it's in our shampoo, detergents, etc.

Then we have the stress in a world filled with digital media which was nonexistent when I was growing up.

My thoughts never included such words as, 
terrorism or global warming. Life was less competitive, I grew up in a period of prosperity; I didn't worry about finding jobs, finding love, finding my future, it just happened.

Raising children today must be frightening. They grow up earlier and they are more sophisticated. They are exposed to so much influence that challenge their thoughts. The world is their oyster but it is also a land mine; a navigational nightmare of decision making.

Raising children is the most difficult, strenuous and demanding job in the world and we don't even need a professional qualification for it. Mothers fall into this role willingly and lovingly.

We mothers try to protect our children from harm and sometimes things happen that we have no control over and feel helpless such as medical issues.

I believe in the power of prayer and I ask that you all pray with me for my son, who has been diagnosed with CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia).  My son recently started treatment for this and I pray that he goes into remission real soon.

Your prayers are most appreciated!


  1. I will keep your son in my prayers. May the dear Lord bless him with healing and a return to good health. Being a mother is not an easy job and I've found that praying for our children is the best thing we moms can do. There is very little else we can do sometimes. Sending a big (((HUG))) your way today.

  2. Keeping your son in my thoughts, I have two friends at work going through treatments...

  3. I look at mothers and wonder how it is done? Long ago a mother was in & out of the kitchen from sunup 'til sundown. Keeping three meals prepared EVERYDAY, along with cleaning washing shopping. Now today most mothers work and balance more complicated situations, it is amazing. And yes MOST mothers still worry about their children forever.
    We will remember your son, and the pressure on the mother.
    ((((HUGS)))) sending love from Clermont!