January 26, 2013

Are we all on Digital Overload?

 What is it about our technology that is so addictive? As much as I hate to admit it, I am hooked on the digital world myself but no where as close as the younger generation of today. But, I live alone and it keeps me company. I think if my husband were still alive, I would be paying more attention to him and revert to my computer only when he would be watching sports in the other room or something.

I think we are all in digital overload. Do we need to detox from cyberspace? We all relate to technology habits and paying more attention to the Smart Phones then to people. We do have to limit time with technology.

Just walk into any restaurant and look around. I can understand the people that are sitting alone in a booth for lunch with their laptop, smart phone or Kindle but when you are sitting with another person..........no one talks to each other anymore!

Watching the News tonight, I was glad to see that a new Smart Phone will automatically shut off when a person is driving over 25 miles per hour and the phone will not allow texting in the car! Cool. That is a step in the right direction for safety. I think the phone was a Discover Smart Phone which has more features than the IPhone and the Android and cost only $49.00.  I personally think they should shut off texting while in the car period! 

Detox packages are nothing new. For decades, hotels and vacation retreats have enticed guests to "Relax," often with the help of a specialized diet plan and fitness regimens (with a massage thrown in for good measure). These days, the concept is being pushed to help us disconnect from technology. Digital detox is now one of the biggest trends to hit the hospitality industry in the coming year.

I do remember a few years back, my children took me to Vermont for a Mother's Day weekend at the Von Trapp Family Lodge which was amazing.  It was where they filmed "The Sound of Music".  The first thing my son said was NO TV, NO PHONES.  He wanted us all to just concentrate on ourselves and enjoy each other for a weekend.  It was wonderful.  I do admit, when I woke up, I had the habit of turning the TV on to listen to the News and immediately my son walked by and turned the TV off.
I do believe we have to stay in touch with each other but not glued to technology. Go out and play and have fun!

My computer helps me through the lonely nights but even I know my limits with cypberspace. I even set my oven timer to remind me to get off the computer! And, then I go for a walk or a swim in the pool.  Sorry guys, I know the word "swim" gave you a twinge for my family and friends enduring the frigid temps up north.


  1. I don't think I'm on overload, but do enjoy my computer and cell phone for sure. I do think it is rude to shut people out and ignore them by using them when they are around though. Most of the time I'm on my own like you so I really don't have that problem. I remember when I was working and how great it felt to come home and not have to answer the phone unless I wanted too. There are times when it's good to shut everything off.

  2. As always, good sensible thoughts put down on paper? of course not, they come via this network that is great when used with reason. You are absolutely right, technology can take all your time. Sherry just placed my supper beside me, so I am off of here..
    Enjoyed the read and sending Love and (((HUGS))) down the Turnpike...

  3. I wish at times for the good old days when there were no electronics - for awhile anyway.