July 13, 2012

I spy!

 Nobody’s watching, so what do you do? And, I don’t mean picking your nose!

What do you do when nobody is looking? Do you work just as hard? Do you remain just as reliable?  Are you just as considerate of others? Are you a good employee? Are you a good employer? Are you just as responsible? Are you a good friend?

If you cheat when nobody’s looking, you’re only cheating yourself. If you concentrate only on what you can get away with, all you’ll do is just get by on the road map of life.

So plant your seeds for achievement on this journey of life because they are only sown when nobody is looking.

We are now approaching the 2012 London Olympics and I’m sure all those athletes who will win the gold medal for their performance surely spent years in training while nobody was watching.

The millionaire entrepreneur like Steve Jobs, a creative genius, spent years working late into the night while nobody watched.

Nobody’s watching now. So, now is the time to be your finest and climb above the crowd. I never believed in doing anything half “arsed”!

And keep your finger out of your nose!


  1. I spent a lot of time on my last job working alone. I had an office to manage and the bosses were often out doing the work. So I can say when no one was looking I was doing my job. Now I'm home and no one ever looks and I still do what needs to be done. I was taught good work ethics and used them in my every day life too. We'll be hoping all those wonderful olympians will be doing their best too, but they will be watched so not much chance of them goofing foff for sure. Hope your Friday is a FANTASTIC one.

  2. Another great human truth entry.
    Amazing it should be today. We visited with a professional musician. We were just talking how much he practices when no one is around, and the hours he dedicates for perfection. IT SHOWS.
    Great read, thanks, we all need reminders....
    Love ya!!!!

  3. If you strive to meet your own expectations, then it does not matter if anyone is around...