December 4, 2011

Do you still color within the lines?

I was blessed to be surrounded with great people in the neighborhood I grew up in. Across the street, was a lovely family and the father was a great artist. I played with his children and he provided me with my very first coloring book and crayons, as I didn’t have many toys coming from a large family of 12. Let's say, I didn't have any toys at all is more like it!

This wonderful artist taught me how to color within the lines and my family taught me how to live my life within their lines! My parents were old enough to be my grandparents and most of my brothers and sisters are old enough to be my parents. So, my upbringing was totally different than my friends that I grew up with.

My friends are very dear and special to me and their parents are special to me as well. They helped me grow into the woman I am today outside the boundaries of growing up in a very large, strict, Italian family household.

The parents of my freinds were much younger than mine and they encouraged me to give myself permission to break the rules, to move outside the boundaries of my family's way of looking at things. 

Dare to go beyond the self-censorship that comes from worrying about what other people think!  I bought a brand new car the minute I acquired my first job out of highschool at the age of 18.  All of my sisters got married and had large families.  They didn't have their own car or wore lipstick, nailpolish and had a stand-in appointment at the beauty shop like me and hungered for higher education.  But I did.

I enjoy following my heart and dismiss unimportant “shoulds”. I want to open the door and turn my blogs into the possibility of EBooks or any form of books to be downloaded onto a Kindle would be interesting. I owe this current idea to my dear nephew along with many others that suggested similar ideas in the past. I truly don’t know what avenue to follow, and I don’t know where to begin. I would like to make a personal breakthrough but much research is necessary.

About five years ago, I researched in the library on how to go about publishing a book and I followed the instructions and contacted a huge list of Agents and received many rejection letters and a few that offered hope. Then I just gave up on the idea as other obstacles fell on my lap at the time.

I have moved beyond more obstacles than I can remember and it isn’t enough for me to sit and just hope.

I could use some help and normally I would be bashful and hate to impose on others for help but I need opinions from my family and friends that are following my blogs and perhaps tell me which Post they enjoyed the most, I could actually compile a few together to make a cutesy little Ebook or some sort of book!

I also would love some input from my classmates for which I also write a blog just for them. So, I write two blogs……….one for my personal thoughts and the other to keep my classmates woven together and remain “forever friends”.

I need to form a plan and make a path to be my guide. No one with a map has ever gotten lost on the road! So, even if I don’t have a preplanned path……….I just might be able to leave a trail!


  1. I agree with the idea of a book/booklet as a vehicle for your Blog entries.

    Unless you are of the opinion that the book will be a Harry Potter type (as far as sales), With the advent of the POD (Pring on Demand) publishing it is now simple and feasible to publish a book at no cost, other than that of buying the books. You can publish your book and buy one or a million.
    I co-authored a childs book with Paula (Paula's county tales). The idea came from a turtle she fed behind her house 'Toby', I wrote the stories, Paula wrote the poems. it was fun. If you want to see the quality of the POD e-mail me and I will send you one.

    It is fun and with your back ground, it would be a snap.

    Love from over here.
    Sherry & Jack

  2. You whit and writing are great, you could write a book based on your life experiences. Sit down and compose something about Single in Boca my life. It would be a great movie. Counting the days til i leave it will be here before i know. Peter Z

  3. I like to make new lines, and then color within them.

    Do not know much about publishing, will leave that to yhour other commenters.

  4. I hope you can do what you want and enjoy it. I really think anyone can do what they want if they stick with it. I don't have any advice to offer but am encouraging you to try it out. Hope someone gives you some good ideas so you can follow through.

  5. Sounds like you have a plan. I self published a children's book years ago. I wrote, my friend illustrated. This was back before the computers of today. We worked with a local printer and did everything ourselves. It was quite an undertaking. Sold it at local craft shows, art galleries and schools. It was a huge success. You have so many more options about how to approach this, than we did. I wish you luck. Take care.

  6. We love all of your blog posts and think you are a very talented, intelligent, creative person. It would be wonderful if you could publish something.

    Also, if you are open to it, since you make such beautiful jewelry (judging by the pictures of the pieces you made) you might be able to teach jewelry making classes at a local craft store -- just a thought (another outlet for your creativity).


    Billie and Elena