June 26, 2011

IrreSISTIble Baubles!

Fashion jewelry is popular, but it can be expensive to buy. And you can't always find pieces in the colors or styles that you like. There are some pieces you can make that won't cost you a lot, and you can design them specifically for your needs and have fun doing it.

My daughter's girlfriend, who is a newbie to South Florida taught me the basics of making fashion jewelry. She created a "Monster"! I've been living in Bead Shops and researching tips online for tutorials ever since my first lesson. She is a great teacher!

Well, after purchasing the necessary tools to create these amazing pieces of jewelry, I also purchased the desk style magnifying glass which certainly made my life easier.

I started off easy with making my first pair of earrings and then wanted to learn and make more and more.

Recently attended a Bead Show was amazing to see all that is available.

P.S.  Thank you to Kathy (from the gym) for naming the title of this Post!


  1. It's great to see you found something you enjoy doing. Creating baubles like that has to be fun. I have a DIL that loves beading and has made a few bracelets but not any earrings. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday there.

  2. Looks like that Bead show was really something....So glad that you got to go. It just makes it all the more fun...Oh yes I love the post heading....

  3. Isn't it neat to be excited about something!
    What you show looks great. Funny when you find a whole new community in being! New interests and new talents to hone.
    I bet the desk magnifying glass does come in handy!!!

    Love you lady,
    Sherry & Jack up in NC

  4. The examples you displayed are just beautiful. I LOVE colorful, bold earrings. Did you make those??? You have a wonderful artistic eye. Keep up the good work.

  5. the jewelry is beautiful. will you be selling it or just doing this for fun?

  6. Glad you have something you enjoy doing, that is a key thing.

  7. These are such fun....and such a wonderfully creative way to spend time too...