December 26, 2010

Things to Ponder About!

~ I ponder about what will be on that list for us to say goodbye to at the end of 2010?

That list of people, brands and products and companies that have been a part of our lives for many years. I know my car is on that list that they no longer make anymore. My old computer will be on that list too, as XP…….. I think was everyone’s all-time favorite. Vista didn’t cut it so I’m grateful to now have the Windows 7. It is taking some time getting used to as I am one of those XP lovers.

~ A friend once mentioned to me that she designated me to clear her computer history if something should happen to her!

~ Nothing is more embarrassing than that moment during an argument when you realize you are wrong.

~ We all need a sarcasm font don’t you think?

~ What’s this I hear, they are not teaching the kids how to write in cursive in schools?

~ Bad decisions make interesting stories to tell.

~ I wish Google Maps had an “Avoid Ghetto” routing option.

~ Gosh, I love technology but it’s getting expensive to keep up. Can we all agree to ignore whatever comes after Blue Ray and IPad? Enough already! And, I love the stuff but it is getting to be overkill!

~ I still find it difficult to fold a fitted sheet properly……..don’t you?

~ Obituaries should include how the person died.

~ Families should get together more often. Life is too short!

~ Every state should outlaw texting while driving and walking on the sidewalk bumping into people and trees! And, also that cell phone glued to their ears while driving is very distracting. I get so furious especially when I see a car seat with a baby in it while Mom is texting away or chatting away. Don’t they care about safety?

~ Restaurants should outlaw cell phones ringing and annoying others that are trying to enjoy their dinner but instead are forced to listen to other people chatting away. Come on people, where are your manners?

~ Companies should be fined when they leave automated messages on your phone!

~ How come every time I exit out of my “Word” document, they ask if you want to save your changes when you have not made any???? But, be careful, it will change the date on your document if you click “yes”.

~ What do you ponder about?


  1. I think we are very much alike, I ponder the same list but now I have added: I wonder how much longer I can drive and be safe?

    I used to say."Every thing will be all right!" Now I am pondering. 'will it?'

    Love the entry I am an XP lover also, Vista has caused me to say bad words!! and I hate that little circle! hahahahaha

    Love you Rose, Stay warm (20" in Boston? wow)

  2. I meant to say the flashing WHAT and the bad hair do, sure gets attention!!!

  3. Jack,
    Sometimes, any computer operating system causes me to say futta, futta bad words! LOL

    AOL, causes me to say bad words sometimes!

    Glad I caught you attention with the Flashing "What"! hehehehheheh

    Brrrrrrrrrrr! Time for some hot chocolate.

    Hugs, rose

  4. Interesting points to ponder!
    Our computers and electonics become 'dinosaurs' in no tome...
    Texting and blabbing on the phone while driving...dangerous...
    Cell phones in restaurants while dining...ugh!
    My ponderings: worries about the US and how the deficit
    is changing the dollar (fear that one dollar will become worth
    a quarter)
    aging and noticing gray hairs, stiffness in the morning,
    can't read the phone directory listings
    generation gap: went to the Hard Rock last night--so many
    cars coming IN as we were leaving (midnight)--so, so young
    and many dressed so, so inappropriately (gals were, as we
    named it: 'shorter, tighter, faster') baring everything--and guys
    sloppy and the 'grunge' look...
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  5. we make jokes about how google maps and the gps always and i mean ALWAYS make sure you have to drive through the absolute worst part of town to get to where you are going....


  6. I end up pondering about why people do the things they do/did at work! lol . Guess I spend too much time there.

  7. I gave up on the fitted sheet long time ago, I pretend to fold I gave up on trying to stay with the latest technology. it's old by the time I buy Happy New Year!

  8. Very funny entry! I try to respond to a few...

    1) Definitely clear my computer history when my bus comes!
    2) A sarcasm font is really necessary especially for the hard of understanding.
    3) Cursive? They can't even print legibly.
    4) Defintely would like to see Google maps with all the ghettos posted.
    5) I'd like my obit to read: "He died in the saddle" Most people don't know I go "horesback riding."