December 2, 2010

Old Friends!

All through school, my friends and I all lived in a constant proximity to our age peers and made friends almost without effort. Later on, especially after marriage, many of us grew apart and failed to renew. Then we found each other again and what a joy for all of us!

Old friends can cheer us up, provide a sense of community and continuity, share memories because they new our parents, rejoiced in our triumphs and commiserate in our sorrows.

I’m blessed that I have renewed my long dear friendships from elementary school to high school until today! I also do a separate blog just for them. Yes, I’m blessed. We are such a special bunch for sure! We share what is going on in our lives and we genuinely care about each other.

It’s unrealistic to believe that one friend can meet all our needs. A few treasured friends and some if we are lucky are relatives too adding richness to our lives and we share decades of memories together.

Other friends enter our lives for a reason and then they are gone. But even brief friendships can have a purpose and value. As vital as good friends are, less than good friends can suffocate you and may need to be jettisoned.

There are no friends like old friends who knew you “when”….knew your parents and siblings and matured into adulthood with you. So, if you miss your old friends from the old neighborhood, why not look them up and have a get together. I just had one last October with my Forever Friends and had a blast. Some travel from other states like I did for these luncheons and some still live in the old neighborhood. Oh, the memories and the pleasure it is to see them all again. They are like mini reunions.

 Fortunately for me, I visit the old neighborhood at least twice a year because my family still lives there so I have the opportunity to see my friends during my visits. Our 50th Reunion will be in 2012.  Oh my, where did all those years go? 
How many of you still keep in contact with friends you had from school days?

Try tracking down long lost friends by either looking on the Internet through Google or other search engines…….try or Facebook and you will be amazed of all the long lost friends you will find. Go to your Reunions and have a blast from the past.

I’m blessed having my Forever Friends in my life. They mean a lot to me even though we are miles apart. I wish I were traveling up north for the holidays but my budget is tight and I’m in need of a new puter so perhaps I’ll go up again when I find a reasonable airfare.

I will miss seeing my children and family and the snow at Christmas time. Remember sticking your tongue out to lick the snowflakes coming down? It just doesn’t feel like Christmas here in Florida……never did. Plus, Santa wears shorts down here!


  1. We have light snow here this morning, but I'd rather be where you are...If I had the money, I'd winter in the south then come north for the summer... That won't happen so I'll count on you to remind me that there is warmth somewhere. I hope your Friday is a great one!

  2. We have been missing our dose of ROSE!
    Like all the entries though, this one is a winner. I am lucky to have married a woman like you, one who lived in one area and went through school with the same friends. I did not and have only a couple friends from youth, but I do treasur them. Like you , Sherry stays in contact (not quite as tightly) but I know she is one happy girl after a get-together.

    As always, thanks for thoughts of life that bring alive memories and reasons for life.
    (Like ths snowman!)

  3. I completely lost touch with most of my friends from years ago. Good for you for keeping in touch!

  4. I recently friended a bunch of high school classmates, but then defriended. I was not that close in school, and certainly would not become closer today. It was fun while it lasted, but simpler now.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly! I especially enjoy hooking up with old friends who I haven't seen in a while.