March 28, 2010

The "To Do" List Never Ends!

I miss having a man around the house to handle my “To Do” list to complete some major and minor home repairs which would certainly go easy on my wallet. It is understandable that maintenance and repairs are necessary but I guess I was spoiled when living in New England and coming from such a large family.......most of the men in my family always were able to handle most repairs for me. Purchasing an item is usually not bad, it is the labor that is very costly and that is what I can't afford.

We all know that we can pay our auto mechanics a little now for routine service, or pay them a lot later for a major repair. The same idea holds true for your air conditioner or heating unit. If you don't service your air conditioner or heat pump regularly, you'll find yourself uncomfortable and broke.

I have been real good replacing my a/c filters faithfully (I have my computer to remind me with an alert feature) and I was also instructed by an a/c tech to add a little white vinegar in the air handler in that back narrow pan about every 90 days. And, I call for a maintenance service once a year. This year, however, I was just about to make that call and the other night my a/c was not running properly. It was running all night long yet the condenser outside was not moving so I knew something was wrong. I was beginning to sweat and very uncomfortable to say the least. I like to keep my house “meat locker” cold as I overheat easily. Most women out there understand! Of course this happened during the night so I tried to sleep with three fans facing me in bed! I did not sleep very well to say the least. My insomnia is an issue to begin with but I have to be cool at all times.

Well, I called my a/c company that provides high quality work and comes within a reasonable time, so that discomfort is not too bad. Hey, I live in Florida so it’s important to have the a/c working properly.

This maintenance visit was disturbing; as I was informed I need a new condenser outside. Heck, it is 9 years old but I always thought they would last a good 12-14 years!

Here is the whopping price $1,795.00! Yikes! I also included the One Year Maintenance Agreement so I wouldn’t forget to call for the twice a year maintenance which was another $150. raising my bill to $1,945.00. Holy Crapola! Looks like I won’t be doing any Happy Hours for a while. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been to the Mall to treat myself to something new………….Ugh. I have no choice, so the installation is tomorrow morning.

I’ll officially get it off my mind but I have not recovered yet from my recently replaced water heater last December and my new washer/dryer last August. It never ends!

Sometimes, I wonder if it would be better to rent than own? (provided you would have a very good landlord) I’m in a small condo and for the most part, I enjoy it. And, there are times; I do get annoyed with the Condo Commandos! That is when I miss owning my own home and I’m the solo commando of my domain! LOL Plus, the rents today are more than my social security check!!!!! What would I do?


  1. I can relate to those repair bills. My condenser is now over 16 years old. I hope that is not in the offing for me too. My retirement budget allows for few major repairs. Of course I don't live where you do and don't use the a/c as often, yet when it gets hot I do need it. I too have to pay for repairs. There is little my sons can help me with, yet every little bit is appreciated. I do very little shopping for my self these days but I don't really need anything either. My happy hour days never happened as that was out of the budget to begin with. You are right in saying we could never rent as cheaply. The costs of everything are out of sight these days.

  2. I live with a musician. That should say enough. In any case I'm hearing you on the home repairs. It's a neverending money hole at times. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Just as I was commenting on Roses are Read, a Tornado hit about a mile from here and killed the power. Since we aren't smart enough to watch the news on TV we didn't even know of the bad weather threatening.
    All is well as far as we go but there were a few homes severly damaged.

    IT is good you have have someone you can trust, but the price still hurts. I hate A/C problems with a passion because I know nothing about it, unless it is an electrical problem. So we too have to pay the high price if a condenser or compressor goes.
    Sorry to hear you lost one, but you are right, they do get a work out in FLA!
    Hope the luck looks up. Take care.
    Love from up in NC,
    Jack & SHerry
    PS I couldn't remember whether I finished the comment or not. hahaha. Another storm was forming so we ran and hid in Shirl's basement! LOL

  4. I can definitely relate to the "to do list" that never ends.

    As soon as I check something off my list several more are added.

    My washer/dryer are the next things I need to replace.

    Then due to the cold winter this year in Florida I have a lot of plants that need to be replaced. Luckily my front lawn is starting to come back.
    Take care Love Janice

  5. I'm fortunate to have a husband who can usually figure out how to do something. And if he can't he knows someone who can.

  6. I find that everytime something breaks in my house is about the same time I'm out of money. Timing is everything and I've got Murphy's Law down pat!


  7. I sympathize Rose. Up here I can live without the ac, but when everything is going along as it should, life is doable, but when something goes wrong all of a sudden the money is gone.

    You will survive, I bet. Think Massachusetts.