March 13, 2010

Sunshine Award---come see if you were picked!

Thank you to Val from "Joy in the Rain" for bestowing this Award to me.  The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers who have positivity created and  inspired others in the blogesphere!

The "rules" have changed a little through time. I am choosing my own rules. LOL Val chose 7 Bloggers and I have chosen 12. It was difficult to narrow down, as I feel mostly everyone deserves this Award.

Place the Sunshine Award on your Blog, either in your text or on your sidebar.  Send this Award to whom ever you feel deserves it.

List the bloggers you feel deserve this Award so others can view their Blog. And, if you find the time, notify the bloggers you have chosen!  Val listed 7 things about herself.  I already listed 100 things about myself in an older blog! So, there isn't much more to add about me! LOL

Please enjoy viewing the blogs listed below:
 (Jimmy Sullivan)
 (Jack & Sherry)
 (My Brain is in Pain)
 (Beth's Hubby)
 ('On Ya'-Ma)


  1. Thank you for listing me, but I'm not good at sending these awards forward to others though and beg forgiveness if it doesn't get done. I think all the blogs are read are wonderful so I'll just say check my side bar if you want to read some good ones. Thanks again for the award.

  2. Rose if this is a duplicate, delete it. I was here awhile ago, but am not sure if I got the comment through. So I finally wrote the comment on a file and copied it. Love you! jack
    As a kid I never knew anything about nationalities. We moved into a town that had been founded by Waldensians . They were straight out of Italy. I never thought of them as Italians, just Americans, absolutely wonderful folk.
    When I heard Polish Jokes growing up, I honestly didn’t know what a Pole was, and never associated it with a nationality. BUT I did associate Green with Irish, and did not know why. Upon joining the USMC I met a wonderful Irish Guy. He explained my heritage (on mama’s side) to me. I could sit for hours and listen to his singing of Irish ditties. I have learned there about 4000 verses to Danny Boy. Ha!
    So the label will be ‘Pinch me, I’m not Irish’ huh?
    Love the entry as always!
    Sherry & Jack, love from us ‘Stuck in North Carolina’.
    PS: hope the weather there is Florida, finally!

  3. I don't want anyone to feel pressured to pass this Award or go through any rules.......yatta yatta.

    Just enjoy that you were chosen for the Award!

    Many hugs, Rose

  4. I just want to say, anyone looking at that face pictured on this BLOG, sees Sunshine in that beautiful smile.
    Love to see it everytime I click on 'Roses are Read'.

    Jack & Sherry

  5. Thanks for the award Rose, I really appreciate it.

  6. Congratulations! And thanks for coming by my blog. I love that Victorian shoe, too. I was thinking of changing to a spring-like theme, but I like that one so much I'm not sure that I will. lol

  7. Rose, thank you for the Sunshine Award. Among the other wrinkles in my exasperating life is my current inability to post any sort of graphic on my blog page. I could give you a list. But if all the problems got solved what would I do?

    I'm glad and grateful anyway.