October 25, 2009

So, what is in your mailbox?

Beware of what is in your mailbox!

I’m extremely upset that I had to write not one but two letters to two different magazines that I did not subscribe to. I made a total of five (5) phone calls regarding “Why am I receiving your magazine if I have not requested it”. I checked with my family and friends and they confirmed that they did not send it to me as a gift. It also has been plastered all over the News about people receiving magazines that they did not order.

So, this rollercoaster ride exhausted a great deal of my time which is valuable as I certainly could have been doing something else. I requested on three occasions for this magazine to stop being delivered to my home since I did NOT order it. One lady from the company told me that it is already paid for so why not continue to receive it until February! I replied...NO, I don't want anything I did not order. She also stated that the person who paid for it will get a check in the amount of $2.50 for the balance of this subscription.

Guess who got a check in the mail last Saturday for $2.50. Me! Which leads me to believe that someone has access to some of my information. I don't plan on cashing this check.

I composed a letter and sent it out "Certified" demanding an explanation for all of this. I was quite surprised and would expect a high degree of judgment and integrity from a well known magazine that was filling up my mailbox every month. Then it started again with a different magazine! Yikes! futta, futta....what gives?

I requested that this situation be investigated, an apology be tendered and some guarantee and something in writing showing me who is taking my money for subscriptions to their magazine. I thoroughly went through all my credit card statements and bank statements and see nothing out of the norm.????? Then I thought perhaps researching online has some hidden little things that can be overlooked with a check mark?????

I also kindly asked for them to acknowledge receipt of my letters and a detailed explanation of this entire mess. Or I threatened to have them plastered all over the Channel Five News. I’m very angry. What are people thinking?

I want all monies owed back to me and also for the cost of postage for both these certified letters, the paper, ink and envelope and my valuable time to write the damn letter sent to resolve these issues the imbeciles on the phone was unable to handle the matter over the phone.

If anyone has experienced something similar to the above with magazines, please let me know and how did you resolve your issues. Thanks


  1. I know that my IntervalWorld membership includes a free subscription to a Conde Nast magazine, and taht several have gone out of business, and they have sent replacements. Like you said, it is most likely an internet thing. I would just recycle and save yourself the frustration.

  2. How annoying that would be. It does make you wonder what on earth happened. I've not experienced any thing like that and sure do hope I don't.

  3. Oh my goodness. This is kinda scary. Hope it is all resolved.

  4. What a hassle! I hope you find some resolution to this.

    I'm thinking of dropping a bunch of magazine subscriptions. I'd rather read books, and the magazines are just piling up! Hugs, Beth

  5. Hey Rose! Yeah we have something in common. I wrote several letter to the little address on subscriptions info. My problem was we use a mail forwarding service, so we had to pay to first class mail to have a 4th class mag (we did not order) sent to us. Like you After a lot of fuss I got $18, that I never spent. I held the check until I recieved another magazine, then I cashed it to pay for my hastle. I had never ordered either magazine. The last one was one my son would read so I finally just sent in a change of address to his address. I said a few bad words in the process. I do not know the answer. Hope yours is solved except for the hastle to stop it. $2.50 sure won't pay for it.
    JaCK & sHERRY
    PS: Could it be a Florida thing? our mail forwarding servide is inb Florida also.

  6. PS: The next one I get I am changing the address to the Governors office!!!

  7. We have sometimes received unordered magazine subscriptions. We realized it was because of something we had bought at Best Buy. When you buy a high ticket item, like an appliance or new TV, they have asked us to choose a magazine subscription. We refused, but somehow or other "they" must have picked one for us, I think, and odd magazines start showing up. I bring them to the gym or a doctor's office with out address cut out. But it's a real pain. My sympathies.

  8. Hi Rose,
    How frustrating ... I hope you find out how this happened and that nothing was ever taken out of your account to pay for these magazines to begin with.

  9. this is odd, I have never received a magazine i did not order. I HAVE had problems with People magazine, because they will continue an order that has been cancelled, until you owe 55 dollars. So I never buy that magazine anymore. But other than that havent had a problem so I know I'm of no help at all.
    If it were me, I would write the letter and hope to receive some kind of explanation. But dont panic, the explanation could be very simple. The fact that you are getting a refund could just mean that the subscription was a gift. Still I would find out who it was that ordered it for you. I cant believe they cant tell you who ordered it!!! That seems shady.

  10. Hi Rose,
    Interesting that you just wrote your blog about magazines that come without ordering them when just yesterday I received "Money" Magazine and I have
    no idea how it happened.
    I think rather than go through what you did, I'll just let it keep coming on its
    own until it stops or until they request money to continue it.
    Good blog!

  11. Rose:

    I received a magazine that I did not order and then a bill for a subscription. I wrote to them three times telling them I was not interested in their magazine and do not plan to pay for it. I had to send three letters and the bills kept coming but I would not pay for something I did not order. Finally after the three letters advising them I did not want the magazie nor would I pay for it they finally stopped sending me their bill.

  12. It's happend to me too!

    Have a good night.

  13. I just take the magazine and give it to my mailman with the address exed out and a note saying moved, no forwarding address.

    Once they start having to pay for returned magazines, they stop sending them. I also immediately file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.


  14. I would just send them a letter, save a copy and have it a receipt that it was delivered. If they send me anymore Magazines it is on them....if it is a good magazine I would read it....
    This has never happened to me.
    I have had some very tempting offers for a one year subscription but I don't take them up on because I always forget to cancel it when the year is up....LOL

  15. Hi Rose,
    The only thing I can think of is if maybe your ordered something that may of came with a free magazine subscription for the a year. Was the company able to tell you how it was paid for? That would drive me crazy too, I sure hope you get to the bottom of it.