June 18, 2009

Mind Your High Tech Manners!

I love high technology but come on people---where are your manners?

There is absolutely no doubt that email has increased productivity in offices worldwide, but it's important to remember that even though it's a quick and easy form of communication, the messages you send should still be well thought out and professional.

I can understand teaching Tweens to Mind their Manners regarding their cell phones and texting but YOU adults out there should know better!

I was out three times this week and each time whether it was a Happy Hour or meeting a friend for lunch. The damn texting begins. Did you ever notice while sitting at a bar or a restaurant the first thing a person does is put their cell phone on the bar or the table in front of them?

Listen up------Texting while talking to someone is considered rude. Gosh, while having a face-to-face conversation with another individual, it is best to wait to use a cell phone until the conversation has ended. It is also better to wait to answer a ringing cell phone while talking, unless the person knows an important call is coming.

When the Texting feature first came out on cell phones, I personally had “texting” blocked from my cell phone because I was being charged for each text message that came in whether I read it or not. At the time, I didn’t even know how to use this feature and I still care not too.

Isn’t it plain common sense that when you are having a face-to-face communication, it should prevail over the use of texting?

I believe that Texting is a great tool when used properly and in the right scenario. Texting while driving should be outlawed! It is disgusting and causes so many accidents. Yeah, I know that its abbreviated spelling is all the rage, it's easy to let “text-talk” spill over into your emails. Unless you're a Tween……try to resist the temptation to abbreviate. It is so juvenile to hack up the English language. An educated individual should know better.

Repeat after me: read and reread your email before you hit send. Does it make sense? Does it accurately convey your message? Is it grammatically correct? Put yourself in the recipient's shoes. How will they interpret it? It's well worth your time to make sure your email gets your message across especially in the office.

Once you've read and reread your email, double check the recipient's address. Not only will this save time, but it could also save you some embarrassment. Once it's sent, it's sent. And, try to stay away from the "Reply All" button! We all know why. We have all learned from our mistakes regarding email Etiquette! Now, someone needs to post “Texting” Etiquette for Tweens and Adults!

Give the cell phone a rest!

I have a dear friend that just told me her divorced daughter is now dating again. She claims she met this wonderful, handsome, wealthy man but there is one problem. He never calls her on the phone. He only sends text messages! Dah! I don’t consider that “Romantic” do you? Her daughter brought this topic to his attention and his reply was that is how he communicates in work and pleasure! She dumped this guy! Wonder why?

Are you one of those cell phone abusers??? Do you text when in company of others?

What did we all do before cell phones and texting? One ringy dingy....two ringy dingy!


  1. Great post Rose, Atta Girl! Very timely. I am amazed at people who are on a cell either texting or talking as they operate a cash register or are at a cash register checking out.
    Some folks do not know rude!
    Jack & Sherry, (too old to text!)

  2. i confess. i am a texter. i like texting because it's quick and to the point, i really do prefer it over chatting on the phone. what's funny is it irritates me to see people yaking on the phone when in the company of others, but i dont think it's as much of a faux paux to text.

    i agree on the text-speak. we have had problems with students using acronyms for profanity aloud since it became in vogue. i saw a sign on a church that read 'Jesus loves u' and i cringed.


  3. Cell phones, in any manner, and driving do not mix. It makes my blood boil :o)

  4. I have never used the text feature as it would cost extra and I have no use for it. Rarely is my cell phone used but I have it because of work and it does make me feel safer traveling as I could use it for emergencies. I prefer face to face visiting of course but if that is not possible a phone call is nice. At work, I try to keep any phone calls there strictly for business. Personal calls come in only when it is important. That is the way I was taught and now it seems I'm one of the few for sure.

  5. Right on Rose. I definitely agree.
    People drive while talking on their
    cell or texting . I have even
    heard a cell go off in church.
    At my Weight Watchers meeting there
    are signs stating to turn cell off.
    But inevitably a cell goes off while the lecturer is speaking. It is so distracting and rude.
    Hugs Janice

  6. good entry! now if only we could get the rest of the world to read this. modern technology doesn't always workout for the best!~kbear

  7. Rose,

    I am in total agreement here. I don't even know how to text on my cell phone. I think using a cell phone (and especially texting!) should be illegal while driving.

    I prefer regular English over all of these abbreviations in emails, too. Rose, you have a super weekend! Love, Val xox

  8. I could not agree with you more! It is so rude to text while you are talking to someone else. I'm amazed people don't realize that!

  9. Hi Rose, I read your blog---I'll be careful to never text in your presence! And to laugh a lot with you!
    I enjoyed reading your thoughts.
    And your tags are soooo pretty.
    by the way, there is one I would love to use, it has shoes and a crossed leg moving.
    Thanks and hugs,

  10. I only use our cell phone when traveling and for emergencies not for regular use no one has our number texting hell i have a hard time with my blog thats enough confussion for me!

  11. I normally put my cell phone on the bar because I always sit on it if I don't.

    I never text or answer my phone with company unless it's an emergency. My phone is normally on vibrate or silent.

    Speaking of vibrate, that's another reason I took it out of my pants pocket. It was making me smile funny.


  12. I'm one with bad manners.

    I'm constantly checking my email, texting or talking to someone on my cell.

    Have a good weekend.

  13. Good for you Rose. That needs to be said. I used to have a cell phone. I don't miss it. Karen, the lottery ticket seller down the street had a customer talking on her cell phone one day. The girl passed Karen a slip of paper and some money for her tickets. The girl then said some numbers into the phone and Karen said "Are you talking to me?" The girl was annoyed that she had to interrupt her phone call to answer Karen. "NO" she barked and went back to the phone. That was the only word she said to Karen during the entire transaction. Fortunately for that girl Karen is a nice person.


  14. hello stranger,hope you ok.over here it is in fact ILLEGAL to use a mobile phone while driving,in fact even if the vehicle is stationary,if the engine is running you can be prosecuted.take care,love mort.xx

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
    I"m the person who despises all the disetiquette with that little electro gizmo.
    The worst offense was at the opening night of an opera company, in the patron section (regular me was a guest). His phone went off & they were immediately escorted out & not allowed to return.
    I laughed at the texting man. He's so far from romance & so close to his wife & kids.
    She needs to move on.

  16. Texting is a big problem. Here in Boston they have had their share of problems with public bus and train drivers either texting or talking on the cell phone and causing accidents. It amazes me that these people think that they are such good "multi-taskers" that they can do this. Oh yes they are good until they have or cause an accident. What is so important that risking someones life is worth it????

  17. I had the text option shut off on my phone but I may eventually break down and get on the bandwagon only for the convenience of it.

    I agree people should put down their crackberrys and i(me)phones and pay attention to the people who are there with them.

  18. Hi Rose,

    I could not agree with you more. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people drive and talk on the cell phone. I believe you are just plain dumb if you think you can drive and text.
    Take Care

  19. I so agree with you - when out I cannot stand all the texting and phone calling - especially in restaurants and such - drives me nuts!

  20. Great post Rose,
    My husband tends to abuse the phone. He uses it as a tracking device. If I'm out with friends and enjoying my conversation, I never pick up the phone...LOL..Don't they get it...I'M BUSY!!! It is not nessesary to leave 7 messages. I saw it was you & I'll call you back when I have a MIN. GIVE IT UP ALREADY!!! LOL
    Hugs, Corinne