March 30, 2015


We all make mistakes that we know for sure.

With every mistake, there is learning process they say, but not every mistake has to be your own. Just as our society uses history to learn from the mistakes of earlier generations, so can we.

We can save some time and frustration and look to those around us and learn from their experiences as well.  For example, instead of being defensive when an older person passes on advice listen and appreciate the learning they have gained over time. Really tune into their mistakes more closely than their successes.

Focus on why things went wrong and tuck the learning experience away in your memory bank for your own future challenges.  There is always something new to learn every day!

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” 
Albert Einstein


  1. Again good advice and entry. YOu said a world of truth in the statement: 'Don't become defensive' probably one of our human traits that is hard to keep down. But that one line would save us much trouble if we would listen to it.
    I would love the OOPS button!

    Love from North CArolina we have a nice sunshine, I think we timed it well, we arrived just after Spring did.

  2. I've made some mistakes and am sure I'll make some more. I always try to laugh at my self and not cry. Crying about it, does nothing, but laughing makes me feel better. I do try to learn something new every day. The thing is the more I learn the more I find I still need to know.

  3. Forwarding for Alli

    Dear Rose,

    One of my favorite aspects of elder caregiving, was the knowledge and history the people imparted upon me. They lived through the depression, some were widowed or widowers, which sadly I understood, they had illness, stories galore.

    I had a couple of people that were Holocaust survivors, people that owned businesses, the stories went on and on. I loved listening to them. The people that had computers were either somewhat savvy or would tell me it was email and Skype only.

    The older sect enjoy their lives, they are more carefree. I wish we all treated them (like the Chinese culture) like the treasures they are.

    Love al. I so enjoyed your writing...xoxo.

  4. i always try to learn something new, everyday. i try to read and learn new crafts, i am always trying to expand myself and grow!!

    and you know what they say about erasers on pencils!!! and do you remember correction tape on typewriters?? boy that was a lifesaver, back in the day!!!

  5. Hello Rose...Yup, everyone makes mistakes. Even Big Bird on Sesame Street sang a song that started "Everyone makes mistakes so why can't you? Well, your mother and your father and your little sister, too...." I used to sing that to my kids when they were little. Thanks for all your visits! Susan

  6. GREAT advice. I love the quote from Einstein too. "“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

  7. Hi Rose, thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoy your blog and your words of wisdom. You photograph so nicely! Love you hair.

    1. Thank you for the nice compliment Linda.