February 10, 2015

Snow Melters!

My Boston family and friends are getting super frustrated at this point and who can blame them.
I never knew Boston had "Snow Melter" equipment before.  I guess I've been away from my home town too long!  I'm sure that is a super expensive piece of equipment that most snow removal companies don't have or can't afford.
As of Tuesday morning, Boston has received 77.3 inches of snow this season.  The governor for Massachusetts signed an emergency declaration for the entire state.  I remember the Blizzard of 78 and this has surpassed that already.
I was curious as to why they couldn't dump the snow in the ocean and my son told me that it's against the law.  The Clean Water Act prohibits dumping snow in the ocean and the Wetlands Protection Act says no dumping in rivers and lakes because those truckloads of snow would contain contaminants like road treating chemicals, salt and even oil and gas from cars.  Not to mention garbage picked up off the road.  All stuff that doesn't belong in our waterways.
I guess more Snow Melters are needed.  What are they going to do?
Stay safe folks.  Don't drive.  Be careful. Sending hugs!
I feel guilty signing off here in sunny South Florida!  


  1. Can't believe the News just said more snow for Boston!

  2. Hugs and safe wishes for all your friends and family in the Boston area. This winter has been brutal.

    1. Yes it has been a hard winter and more coming this Thursday!

  3. Ah ha! I like our Rose 2015 picture!
    I thought of you of course when they say Boston was getting hit again and when I thought about Susan Butcher being born in Boston also.

    I have never heard of of snow melters either, but then being from the south, I would not come in contact with the cities with a need.

    I feel sorry for the folks up that way. Must be tough.

    Tougher to decide what to do with the snow, and stay within regs. WOW, I did not know they were faced with that many hoops to jump thru.

    But I am a logical thinker, doesn't the rainwater wash into the ocean and rivers? Puzzling..

    1. Thank you for noticing my 2015 picture taken at my 70th birthday dinner with my kids. Wow, where did all those years go?

      Rain water does not contain the contaminets from the streets that the plows pick up.

      Hugggggggggggggggggs, Rose

  4. I have heard the same, it's almost unbelievable!! Our snow has all melted here at the jersey shore, I love snow but it's nice when it melts as well!!

  5. I've not ever seen a snow melter before. We get a lot of snow here but not like Boston has had. We have snow plows and salt trucks here. When I was out yesterday there were clouds of salt dust in the air. You could even taste salt on your lips from it. Right now the roads are clear but still lots of snow on the ground.

    Hi Rose,

    I spoke to my twin sister in Boston, too----she said the same thing about dumping the dirty snow in the waterways.
    But she said they have 'snow farms"---they truck it away to empty spaces!
    Also, I don't feel guilty living here---I hope you don't really either.
    This is paradise---and I send photos up north of the sunshine and me at the beach!! LOL
    I'm proud of this choice to be here!!!!

  7. Well, I'm not for dumping snow in the ocean...we have to stay environmentally conscious...these storms are all part of the atmosphere and the system. Nevertheless, I am tired of it. I need to go someplace hot....I love the heat. I prefer it over the cold. I know not many people are like that - but I do actually like the hot weather. Here in NY the counties are having a shortage of salt, and with word of a new storm on its way, that is a bit unsettling. Enjoy the warm weather for us Rose!

    Thank you for stopping by and for all your kind comments. Hugs, Tammy<3

    1. Tammy, I hope the weather warms up in New England and no more SNOW. I'm originally from Boston so I've experienced that cold weather. It normally does not bother me when I visit my family but this winter is ridiculous! Be well, Hugs,