March 7, 2014

Enjoy Life's Little Pleasures!

Every day is a blessing, whether it seems like it at the time or not.  I think all of us never show enough gratitude.  Gratitude is not merely the result of having good and valuable experiences in your life. Being grateful is an essential part of causing life’s goodness to come your way.

Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what a person has and I'm not referring to material things; what I mean is taking the time to appreciate the beautiful things in life. 

I remember my first trip to Key West, FL for a weekend was a Mother's Day present from my son many years ago.  I remember it was the most spectacular sunset on the planet!  And, it was a ritual every evening at sunset that a crowd would be outside with a drink in hand and applaud the amazing sunset of bright orange that looked like it was sinking right into the ocean.  

Believe it or not, I've never been to Disney in spite of the fact that I have been living in Florida for nearly 25 years now.  I had the opportunity to go many times with friends but the thought of listening to people dragging whining kids around the park themes did not appeal to me.  Walking around in the heat and humidity in Florida is not pleasant for me either.


Another wonderful Mother's Day present was from my daughter not that long ago..................taking me to the Red Sox game!  What a thrill.  Oh, "Sweet Caroline" "So good, So good, So good"!  It was exciting to be in my home town for a visit with my family and seeing my favorite baseball team.  The fans at the game are so exhilarating and it makes the experience all that more wonderful!  Love being a part of "the wave".

I'm grateful for my beautiful children.
Life is good!


  1. As always, life warming thoughts for the Rose. Beautifully done, and especially when the talk is family and the 'sweet things' done within that circle.
    We were blessed to live in Key West for 3 or 4 years. Many times shared that Sunset view from Mallory Square and joined in the clapping at such a beautiful display of nature.

    YES it is good for the soul to be grateful.

    Always a pleasure to visit here.. Love ya!

  2. Dear Rose, Beautiful thoughts. I am grateful for my children too. They truly are a blessing. There really are so many good things to add all the wonderful blessings up.
    Like Bing Crosby sang in White Christmas; count your blessings instead of sheep.
    Have a beautiful evening and I hope you are feeling better.
    Catherine xox

  3. You are fortunate indeed to have such loving children. Gratitude is something we shouldn't take for granted.

  4. What a happy post!! I have visited Disney more times then I can count!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. What a happy thought, applauding a beautiful sunset. I am most in awe of the beautiful sights we are blessed with through nature. That was a beautiful post on being thankful! Yes, I do agree many times over I'm thankful for my children too!