November 19, 2012

Oh the chatter that goes on inside my head!

No wonder I have severe insomnia. My brain never gets any rest because I allow things to rent space in my head. Oh, and the damn sleepwalking…… wonder when I wake up I’m so exhausted.
Most times, I meditate with Deepak Chopra with a DVD before going to bed and that helps.
 We all have the ability to program ourselves and clear the negative things in order to program ourselves to believe in positive things. That DVD helps me do that better than trying to do it on my own.

The minute the upsetting thoughts start inside your head, you can stop it and choose to think of brighter and more pleasant thoughts. Sometimes, it can be just some upsetting News on the TV that sets me off. (Like the recent hurricane, Sandy) I was crying for all those people and some still without power.  I have been praying for them nonstop.
I’ve always been a compassionate person and a true friend. I feel for others especially for the ones who are insecure in their own skin.
Judging yourself is not the same as being honest with yourself. When it comes to living as a compassionate, non-judgmental human being, the only challenge greater than learning to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, is learning to walk a lifetime comfortably in your own.
 Everyone should look for the beauty within yourself where there is worth, and love. 

Smile, because you are beautiful!


  1. WOW, I know you have mentioned it before, but the insomnia must surely nearly drive you up a wall. We that do not suffer from it tend to think it is only the sleep, you miss, not the mental anguish.
    Hoping the DVD and meditation truly helps.

    This hit me and is so true:
    Judging yourself is not the same as being honest with yourself.......


    Love from Yemassee, SC.

  2. I get plenty of sleep and now that the shorter days are here I get more than ever. It seems than when it gets dark out my body thinks it's time for bed. It must be terrible not to get the rest you need. I've never experience that in my life. My body reacts the opposite to stress and I just want to sleep and forget about it all.

    I'll be saying a prayer for you that you are able to get the sleep you need and feel rested from it. Sometimes when nothing else works, prayer is best.

  3. Thanks for sharing Rose. Your message hit me directly. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.


  4. I think you are on the right track by meditating. Something that works for me - is a worry tree. I put each worry I have on the tree one by one and then I tell myself they will be there in the morning when I wake up. It works for me. sandie

  5. I always though Deepak Chopra was a chinese vegetable. I learn something every day.....