October 23, 2012

Insincere Expressions!

Have you ever been out shopping and bump into someone you have not seen in a long time and you are excited to see them but the expression on their face is insincere? They always say, “Let’s get together real soon” but never bother to set a date and time? Why do people do that? That is like when you are young and out on a date and the young man will walk you to the door and say “I’ll call you” and never does! Yuck! Why do some adults still behave like teenagers?

Some people will call and make plans with you and then cancel the last minute if they get a better invitation elsewhere. Friends don’t do that to friends. The best part is that they actually believe their excuse for canceling is believable to you!!!

Well, then they really are not friends are they? Some people only want your friendship for what you can do for them. Terrible isn’t it? To them, it is like having a “personal assistant” with what each friend has to offer. Sad that people use others like that.
It’s perfectly normal to express emotions. Just remember, when you do, be aware of how your facial expressions or your true feelings may make someone else feel. You need to be sincere with your smiles and your greetings. I wonder sometimes if some people were raised by ill mannered parents.

We all have made some mistakes, but you have to learn from them and keep moving. Even if you’ve been disappointed, transform that displeasure into determination and just keep your thoughts in a positive mode.
Things that normally drag you down won’t be able to keep up with your progress if you keep yourself in a positive mode and keep moving. It is foolish to think that someone can say something to you that you know is insincere…..some people are just bad liars! Why bother? Makes no sense to me at all! Their words don’t match the insincere smiles on their faces!

Action is a great way to overcome doubt. Put your energy into action and you won’t have the time for doubt. Making just a little progress is hugely better than making no progress at all, and all those small improvements will soon combine to form a major accomplishment.

Keep yourself in motion and you’ll get yourself to exactly where you want to go.  You need not to rely on insincere people, you can go it alone without any problems!  You just have to do what makes you happy.
Keep your true sincere smiles and your true sincere friends and life will be good!



  1. I believe and agree with what you say Rose. People can disappoint you - I know for a fact. How can people cancel at the last minute and think you don't know any better!!

    And if you keep busy you will feel better - less time to think! lol

  2. Believe me, I don't worry about people like that at all anymore. I don't want to be around people that make me feel bad. You cannot live your life wondering what others are saying or thinking about you. Hope you are enjoying some nice fall weather there.

  3. You have a good outlook and insight. Strange as to how some folk actually think they are being 'cute' or even 'wise' and think the under tone isn't read.

    There are a lot of things I want to say to the 'ignorant' person, but 99% of the time just smile.
    Good read. Thanks.

  4. I have low expectations, so therefore I am rarely disappointed. The only path is positive.