March 24, 2012

Trust Your Intuition!

I always trusted my intuition! It never let me down before. It’s like a golden compass that guides me along the way until things become crystal clear.

This mystical wisdom is within all of us; it just needs to be developed and unfolded.

I have been plagued with a serious issue for months now and I do realize that we all face challenges and adversity from time to time causing stress. I try to remind myself that when the struggle gets too hard, I know I’m not the only person faced with problems. At this very moment, there are many baby boomers facing money difficulties, health problems, or conflicts with children, partners or family. It’s all part of life.

It is hard staying strong being a Widow alone but I know that there are millions who do their best to handle challenges every day. I’m certainly not alone struggling along the road of life.

We all experience obstacles, they are a part of life’s journey. They can enrich you or paralyze you. When you see obstacles as milestones, they both measure your progress and increase your strength. We are all reminded that with every challenge passed, you’re a little stronger, a little wiser and a whole lot more experienced. This is true!

I’m blessed with the inner wisdom of intuition. But, too often, my logical mind takes control and I neglect to listen. When I have serious decisions to make, I try to sit quietly, without any distractions and focus on what my intuition is trying to tell me. Meditation helps me accomplish this.

I hope you all try Meditation and experience the serenity and comfort it provides.


  1. It's true. If we don't take those quiet moment just to listen to ourselves, we may miss out on what we need to hear. Our intuition, our own quiet voice, is something we often neglect in the busyness of listening to others. Quiet time is something I have a lot of here at my house. Hope all is well with you. We've been enjoying some unusually warm days here this week.

  2. I call it "trusting your gut" and I try and listen intently when it tells me something.

  3. My instincts have served me well throughout the years. If I only trusted them more, I might be better off. I hope whatever you have been facing will be resolved soon. take care.

  4. My instinct is the first thing I turn to in most cases. There are times, especially at the casinos, when I abandon instinct in favor of logic. I find that a combination of both is the best bet.