March 29, 2011

Dollar Signs flash in front of my face!

When did you last clean out your closet? I try to prepare myself mentally first. Dollar signs flash in front of my face when I look at all those impulse buys that never worked, the outfits with tags still on them and I finally retired those too-tight jeans that I knew would never fit into again.

Does everyone have three sizes in their closet? Whew, felt good to get rid of the “too big” sizes was the only time I felt wonderfully cleansed and organized after losing 20 pounds. But the regret that I can’t fit into the much smaller sizes…ugh. Means, more days at the gym and less calorie intake!

Let’s not even get on the topic of “Shoes”. It hurts that I can no longer wear my beautiful high heels. Love, love my shoes. I don’t want to wear Granny shoes and I’m too short to wear flats……..way to unflattering for me! I got rid of all the stilettos but I will hold on to my 3” heels and wedges.

Why is it that I filled up 5 trash bags and it doesn’t even look like I made a dent in my closet? I have a walk-in closet and no storage space, so I think it looks cluttered because the bottom part of my closet is for luggage, boxes of stuff that I don’t know where to put……….ugh. Things I don’t want to part with for some reason. 

I know I can't part with my "Time Capsule" box filled with many memories, so that's a keeper.

I need a good mental cleanse to get rid of some old memories that cause the guilt, fears, doubts, and images that no longer need to rent space in my head and my closet.

I try to imagine the accomplishment of letting go of STUFF!

Why do we hold on to STUFF?



  1. Ahhhh, you are talking jobs, work, thinking and decisions when you talk clothes. Everyone has this problem.
    I can understand the heels, my sister Shirl can still handle the 3" ones, I think Sherry can also, but higher? You are taking you life in your own hands. ha!

    Just a few minutes ago I saw a lady pass by the coffee shop with spikes on. She looked classy, I mentioned to Sherry that you can watch people here, some folks can carry themselves well and another person can wear practically the same and look cheap!

    Good sensible entry. I like it. Take care and enjoy the weather.
    Love Sherry & Jack up with cold but SUNSHINE today.

  2. I'm too much of a nature girl off in the woods or mountains to think high-heels. I keep my closet slimmed down to bare necessities - the black dress, the wedding dress, two pairs of heels and of course knee boots. Everything else looks like a teenagers wardrobe, converse, combat boots, ripped jeans. I know it's bizzare but I'm loving the freedom. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. So strange that I did the same thing this morning. Actually, packed up two large trash bags and brought them over to St. Anthony's as they have a bin there for donated clothes. Three sizes yes, I hear you and my closet has them too. Heels, heck no and not even sure I could walk with the 3 inch ones. Rvrlady1

  4. have you tried to sell any of your stuff on consignment? there are a couple of charities that operate through the women's shelters and community colleges up here that help women get suitable outfits together to wear for job interviews. i just inherited someone else's 'fat' clothes, talk about a major incentive for me to lose some more weight.....


  5. I make a point of cleaning out closets at least twice a year.

    Been a long time since I've blogged. Your blog site is fun.

  6. I have been thinking about cleaning out my closet for the past few days....Thinking is the key word here. The big difference here is that you are thinking about what shoes you can do without and I on the other hand noticed what shoes I needed.....

  7. I should go through and weed out my closets, too. But there never seems to be time. I have a chest which I've moved around from place to place ever since college ... and it hasn't been opened since college. I'm very curious regarding what's inside at this point!

  8. I was just checking on your blog and realized that I still did not do my closet.....LOL

    And Marty, Wow, I could never go that long with out looking in that box....!

  9. Marty,

    Yes, please open that box and tell us what is in it!

    mrs. miss alaineus, I looked into that Consignment Stores but I was informed that each piece of clothing has to be dry cleaned first and proof of it. I would go broke bringing all this stuff to the cleaners!


  10. I keep two different sizes of jeans just in case.....


  11. About every other year, we try to do a cleansing. Most of it now goes to charity, not wanting to do "sales". Glad you are getting rid of some of the larger sizes :o)

  12. At the end of each season I go thru my clothes and yes I have vartious sizes. I donate them to a different charity each time.

    Mary, I am dying to know what is in that box. LOL