February 13, 2011

Decisions, Decisions!

EyeglassesI had a week filled with many decisions to make. I needed new eyeglasses and I think I should have taken a friend with me that would give me an honest opinion selecting new frames but I didn’t want to impose on a friend’s time, so I did it alone like all the other times. I selected the frameless glasses. I like them but the Progressive lenses are a pain to get used to. It is not my first pair of Progressive either.

I fussed with the position of my computer monitor, my chair and even enlarged the font.  Heck, I should not have to enlarge the font with new glasses! I’m still very annoyed with these new futta, futta, glasses!

I was told by the eye doctor that I have to wear them all the time now instead of just for reading and computer……Ugh! I’m trying to be a good patient and wear them for a week like I was told and try to get used to them…………but damn……the fine print is still hard to read, if I got a new script to improve my vision………I should be able to read it with no effort! The only good feature that I selected that I like is the transitional so they turn into sunglasses when outdoors which allows me to read a book by the pool with comfort.

More decisions, I still have to have a handyman come in my house to do some work and two reasons are stopping me, one being financial and the other, I’m not sure what choice to make replacing a mirrored wall with what color paint and I’m sure the wall will need some repair as well so I’m told? I obtained several estimates and took a step further and contacted the Licensing Bureau to make sure the companies are insured as taking down a wall of mirror could be dangerous if the person got hurt, I don’t need someone slapping me with a lawsuit. Well, as it turned out, one company did not have insurance or workmen’s comp so took him off the list………………Ugh……………Sigh!

When I find myself facing a complex decision, I have to do a balancing act and weigh what is truly important to me. It may sound selfish, but it’s not. It is essential for me to make the best possible choices. In the past, I remember when most of these similar decisions needed to be addressed, my husband used to make for me or when I lived in New England, my brother-in-law and nephews would all lend a helping hand and I never had to pay for labor. I always had help and now facing all my decisions solo gives me reason for concern.

I hate when someone pressures me to make a decision that I’m not sure of. I may start out with the best intentions but I need to be motivated to carry it out, and may live with regret of my decision because I didn’t think it out thoroughly. I don’t like being pressured.

More decisions, my Primary Care doctor left it up to me regarding when I can go back to my Silver Sneakers Class after my knee injury. I was hoping she would give me a time frame as to how long she thinks it may take to heal????????????????? I tried going back the other day and it was too painful……….Yeah, that told me I needed to rest up some more………I miss my classes. I miss the gang there too. Getting cabin fever.

I guess self-awareness is the key to how the best decisions are made.


  1. Give the glasses a chance, you will adjust. I am going to get the transitional ones next time.

    As for class, at least go walk or swim, even if you can not do the more strenuous class.

  2. I think Bucko has a big point about the walk or swim. But there again as you said, 'Your decision.'

    It does look like you would be given at least a time frame to work back into the 'Silver sneakers'. I don't doubt that the friendship and comradere is about as big as the exercise.

    There are many folk who work without ins or WC who are very good, but, and that is the big word, BUT, you just never know until it is too late if the wrong choice has been made.

    I assume by your Drs. suggestions that hearing aids and glasses are similiar in that respect.The Dr. said on this last pair, that I had to wear them for a month to get my 'BRAIN' used to them. hahaha!

    But I can sympathize with the frustration with the small print, and I would assume you should be able, with the new ones, to read the smaller print with no problem.

    Yep, in our lives it will always be DECISIONS, DECISIONS (Just some more important than others.)

    Love you lady,
    Sherry & Jack

  3. I've had trifocals that I wear all the time for about 20 some years now and thankfully have never had any problem adjusting to them. The mid section for the computer has really made a difference in the eye strain I used to experience. When I was working I used a computer all day long. Mine also change for sunlight too so no more changing into sunglasses. I'd be careful hiring someone to do work for me too. If I'm not sure of something I just wait until I am. No sense in rushing into something. Take your time and be sure. Same with the knee. If it needs time to heal...take time. One thing I love about being retired is there is no rush to do anything.

  4. It takes a week or so to get used to glasses - you need to wear them all the time, even if they drive you up the wall. Says a spec wearer since age 8 lol

  5. I know it is a real big decision as to what to do with the walls...just don't rush into anything with them.
    I imagine that it will be a huge expense so really be sure and take all the time you need to decide. Sometimes it is hard to ask a friend for help in making a decision. Everyone has their own idea on things and you may agree with them on some things yet on others you are on completly on the opposite side... You can listen to their ideas yet in the end it is you who has to decide what is right for you.
    Sometimes making decisions on your own is overwhelming yet it can be quite satisfying when you are done.

  6. I ended up returning my no-line bifoculs back to the store. I could not get adjusted. Rather be blind!LOL

    Have a good week.

  7. When I got my glasses they wanted me to get those lenses, but I didn't. I had enough trouble getting used to the prescription for astigmatism and I figured the transitional lenses would just make things harder.