February 25, 2010

Images of your life!

Polaroid Camera

How many of you remember the above style camera?
Ever think about what all the pictures you own hold for you? How much would you remember if you didn’t have them? Are you old enough to remember when we only had black and white film? Without those photo albums, would you remember all those birthday parties, proms, anniversaries, weddings, births, vacations, hairdos, cars you owned, your high school yearbook pictures…..all these images are still with me today and so are the emotions that go with them.

Visual images hold amazing power whether through your photo albums, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks and now with high tech….I personally use Picasa to store my photos online….no more discolored old photos….Amazing!  Saving them on a disk is much better than in a shoebox!

We all have some old worn out photos. I did some research on how to store these old photos so you will always have your precious memories.

Here's How:

1. First, take your photos out of "magnetic" albums. The materials, ordinary plastic, glue and cardboard, will damage them over time.

2. Eliminate any glue, tape, staples, rubber bands and paper clips that might stain, scratch or dent photographs.

3. When framing, use acid-free mats to keep photos from touching the glass and acid-free backboards to avoid deterioration of the image.

4. Place photographs in plastic sleeves void of PVC, which can be purchased at photo supply stores.

5. Use plastic sandwich bags for a good, inexpensive alternative to plastic sleeves.

6. Store large quantities of photos by layering them between sheets of 100 percent acid-free paper in metal or acid-free cardboard boxes.


1. Wood and wood products, like cardboard and paper, harm photographs and should only be used if labeled "acid-free."

2. A good rule of thumb is storing photos where you are also comfortable, not too hot, cold, wet or dry.

3. Keep photos out of attics, garages and basements where they'll be subject to extreme temperature fluctuations and excessive humidity.

Girl photographerI’m very lucky to have a daughter that is an amazing photographer! She bought me my first digital camera and told me to carry it with me at all times in my handbag. That way, you will always be able to capture that special moment in time and create another wonderful memory in your life.

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  1. Excellent advice.

    I remember the square flashbulbs on the camera you held at your waist and looked down into to take the picture. I wish I had that one for my collection. ;)

    It's a big job for me to get rid of all those old albums that damage the photos but there is no computer back up for them so I better get on it.


  2. MB
    That camera you are describing is the old Brownie Camera. I have no idea what I did with mine. I would love to give it to you for your collection.

    You certainly have tons of albums to sort through and try to protect all those memories!


  3. I love being able to store pictures on a disk and have done away with keeping albums. I don't remember to stick my camera in my purse quite often enough and have missed some good pictures of times never to be seen again. I do remember those black and whites and the Polaroid cameras. How times have changed.

  4. I still have all my negatives, at some point, I plan on digitizing them.

  5. Yeah, I remember the polaroid! the box Kodak and the Brownie Hawkeye.

    And thanks again for the tips.

    I imagine all over the country there were film processors for the 620 film. Ours was called 'Jack RAbbit' in South Carolina somewhere.

    I love the graphics!!! Neat poloroid!
    Jack & Sherry

  6. Hi Rose,
    True about how precious old photos are.
    And, by the way, I still have a Poloroid camera in my closet---like the one you pictured in your blog~

  7. And I'm thinking in another decade or two, the digital will be extinct...lol..technology constantly changing. Polaroids were great fun!

  8. I love my old photos....I wish I had more. I gave many of my old photos to my daughter as my mother gave many old photos to me. It is your history, your very own history. My cousin had the camera and she took a ton of pictures. Later my older sister Rita had a camera and she was took many pictures. When my brother came home from the service after serving in Germany he came home with a with a "special" camera. At least that is how we all thought of it. It was not like today where everyone has a camera.
    When I was young there may have been one camera per family....Taking pictures was a special thing to do. Maybe after Mass on Sunday when we were all dressed up.

  9. I need to look at an old camera I have hanging around in my closet.
    I don't even know who it belonged to....

  10. Hi Rose!! We need some new pics of you!! Miss you!! I might see you in April with Jimmy

  11. Excellent advice, thanks very much for sharing

  12. I bought a black and white camera similar to that one in the U.S.Army in 1967. After the photo came out, you had to swipe some liquid over the picture to preserve it.


  13. I loved that camera..I think I still have mine up in a cabinet somewhere..I wish I would have taken more pictures when I was a teen it would be fun to look at my friends and what they wore ect...