September 12, 2009

Single again in your 60s!

Single again in your 60s!

Wow, I’ve said it before, the bars/lounges has lost its glitter. It’s not the same glamorous atmosphere it used to be.

I realized last night that my other widowed friends and I are doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. I think if we continue to go to bars expecting to meet men, maybe we need to stop and think this over more.

BowlingPerhaps joining a bowling league or Golftaking golf lessons would create different results! LOL

It has been proven before….we have to get out of our comfort zone because what we are doing is not working. We need to try new activities that will put us in a different environment that will offer new opportunities!

BingoI think we are all burned out on the online dating thing too. What a dilemma! We are not ready for BINGO just yet. LOL

There is no insurance policy in life and no guarantee that we will make all the best decisions as we get older because we were not prepared to be widowed at such a young age. We are not a bunch of shy ladies so taking on a new adventure and exploring new avenues would be interesting. I’ll have to bring this topic up again soon……maybe tonight at yet another Singles Dance………….Ugh! I almost dread going. Well, the “People Watching” is very entertaining especially after the second drink! LOL

crosswordI’m sure men feel the same way too. So, what do you older single folks do for entertainment and please don't tell me Crossword Puzzles! LOL


  1. I think taking up a new activity, such as golf or bowling would be great. Perhaps taking some classes at a museum or such would be a new location as well.

  2. We didn't go out to meet guys!!! We went out to get out of the house...and you're right - after the first drink it was hilarious! Yeah...I can just see you and me bowling!!!! LOL

  3. Laurie, I'm sure they make bowling shoes with high heels so we will still look fashionable! LOL

    Bucko, hmmmmmmm taking a class sounds interesting to me. Good idea.

    Hugs, Rose

  4. I have no idea , me being single again after 22 years, i'm in the same boat . lol!

  5. I am really stuck in a rut and have been as I've been widowed now for over 17 years. I was really young when my hubby died. But I still had 5 of the 7 children at home and I don't think any man was ready to take on that. Until the last few years my kids and then my parents tied up all my time. Just when I finally got some time to myself I started camping along side of 2 of my children. I love it and it gets me out of the house but there are few singles here most families like my daughter and son's. If I'm meet to meet a man at this point in my life it's be a miracle, but you know I'd love it. Being on your own is not something I want but it happened and now I'm just trying to make each day as good as I can and making every moment count.

  6. you want a man? ok easy.first dig very deep hole,cover with sheet of thinnest ply you can get, in the centre leave a 6 pack of beer,a copy of playboy.and wait. how you get him up out of the hole is your affair lol.oh i wish i was the other side of the pond rose.said with a sly wink,take care my friend love mort xxx

  7. a friend of mine who was single met her husband online.
    In a Christian group online. I can ask her which one if you want me too. She said the same thing about the bar scene. She said it was scary outthere and shocking how some women act or dress.

  8. I think your golf and bowling ideas are great. I have been married so long I dont remember being single and hope not to be single ever again (how scary to have to date again, eek!)

  9. Rose,

    Have you ever looked into what the city has to offer at their community centers? They may have some day trips offered at a nominal cost. It is a way to get out of the house for the day and see a play or see what classes are offered.

  10. LOL at Mort's comment! Ohhh, he's cheeky!

    There are all kinds of classes and workshops you can take...through the local museums, any local colleges, maybe the library. At the local museum where my sister is assistant director, they use volunteers to conduct tours. Ken and I took a hiking tour today through the Indiana branch of the Nature Conservancy. I'm sure that any state or county park would be interested in volunteers to conduct tours, and most places that use volunteers offer training sessions. Oh, and if there are historical buildings in your area, many of those also offer tours and are looking for volunteers to be tour guides.

    I am so with you...if, goodness forbid, I were back on the dating scene, I would NOT be interested in the bar scene. The last thing I want to hook up with is a lounge lizard. Bleah! I suspect that like me, you would be a little more intrigued by someone with mutual interests, willing to have some good discussions and good laughs.

    I think everyone here has some good ideas for you. Keep us posted and let us know if you decide to try any of them, and what you find! At the very least, it could be some fun blog fodder. :)

    Love, Beth

  11. Hi Rose,

    Just try to think like a man. Sports, sports and golf and bowling just may work :) I could never drag my out to the bar scene again and I am only 41. There has to be a better way to meet people I just do not know how. I have heard some horror stories with online dating from my friend who is 50 and divorced they set her up with some real weirdo's and they did not even have the same interests as here after she answered a 300 questions to join! I wish you luck. Oh one place to meet them I bet is the laundry mat and the grocery store check there cart for frozen dinners!

  12. Pardon my tardy response, but you should never go anywhere with expectations of meeting men. Go out for the fun and enjoyment of being with friends. Go to a karaoke bar and participate...

    Take a chance, I promise you, it won't hurt. As for men, the moment that you could care less if men come around, they will. It's like Murphy's law.