August 12, 2009

Don't Waste Your Money!

I have many friends that just can’t understand how I can live on a Social Security check alone! I do have to admit, it was a major adjustment to let go of some of what I call luxuries. (like going to the Mall) But do I really need another pair of shoes?

Well, when I lost my job I was thinking of ways to live on less money. We have all taken a hit on our investments so it forces us to spend more conservatively. Either way, I found ways to still enjoy my retirement with a low monthly bank balance.

I realized when I walked into my closet and still saw clothes with tags still on them and now no longer even fit anymore….what a waste of money! I was wasting money on things I no longer value or either I pay more for stuff I really don’t need.

For me, I found it a waste of money to subscribe to Netflix and a gym membership that I did not faithfully attend. I now have DVDs to exercise at home in my own comfort with a stronger a/c and ceiling fan and exercise at my convenience and at no cost to me. Being a resident of South Florida also allows me to exercise in the pool most days. During the winter months, I walk around my complex or down the beach when it is less humid out.

I’m doing my own manicures and pedicures these days except I do go probably twice a year as a special treat to pamper myself but no longer on a regular basis. I read my newspaper online now and I don’t miss the black ink on my fingers and on my table.

Cut out those coupons you receive in the mail! I’m using more coupons these days and I’m amazed at the savings at the grocery stores and at restaurants to….buy one dinner get the other free. My computer is a great tool to search for coupons and promotion codes. Also, I now buy no-brandname products that cost less.

I cook at home 6 days a week and go out with my friends one day a week whether it is out for dinner or enjoying a Happy Hour. I also enjoy cooking for my friends occasionally. Laughter around my dining room table with good food is a pleasurable evening for me and my friends love it too.

I don’t gamble as I feel it is a waste of money. Yeah, once in a while I may buy a Lottery ticket. But I stay away from the Casinos, etc.

I may live in Boca Raton but I’m not really considered a Boca Babe because I don’t have a cleaning lady! I do my own cleaning and always have. Gosh, that alone people are paying $75. an hour for and probably more! The only help I have is a Roomba vacuum cleaner that with a press of a button vacuums for me, it is also on a timer and goes off on scheduled days that I programmed into the docking station. I call her “Little Rosie”. It does a fabulous job and with my bad back……..a lifesaver! I’m not pushing a heavy upright. I have been using “Little Rosie” for 6 years now! Best product ever!

And, for those of you who have grandchildren….there is no need to spoil them and break the bank with trips to Disney and purchasing extravagant toys, etc. A great BBQ right in your own backyard can be more enjoyable and memorable! Remember to take the camera out to share the memories. And also keep in mind, your adult children need to learn responsibility and support themselves. I have so many friends that their adult children keep on draining them dry….what gives with that? They need to grow up….slap them on the back of the head and tell them to get a job!

I may not be able to afford jaunts to Europe or eat in five star restaurants anymore but I’m not unhappy. I just wish to be able to see my children more that live out of state. Even better, I wish I could move back home in New England!

I'm blessed with good friends here in Florida and also with my Forever Friends in New England.

Remember, focus on activities and purchases you value most and ones that you really need and spend more time with family and good friends and DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!


  1. i agree, you can make it on ss, but lots of times it's not easy. things higher in different states.
    sometimes just affording food, utilities, & paying the rent, can be hard for many.
    glad you're able to make it so well.

  2. I was glad to read your entry today. When I retire next year I'll be living on SS too and have set up a budget for myself and think it will be possible but seeing you say it made me feel quite abit better about it all. I never have had alot anyway and cutting back will be just fine with me as the rewards of not working anymore will be worth it all. Thankfully my children are all very independant and do well for themselves so they are never a burden for me. I like to spoil the grandbabes with gifts but in the future will not have the extra to do so. That is one think I will miss but hopefully I'll be able to spend more time with them.
    Hope your Wednesday is a great one!

  3. Ma I always look forward to your blog. I was just telling someone how you used to type them and send them to us. I used to love the ones about your dates!!! They were hysterical. Miss You. Your adopted child (whether you like or not)!!! hahaha Rhonda.

  4. To my Adopted daughter! I'm glad you enjoy my Blog. I know you got a kick out of my online dating stories......they were a hoot! I also lost interest in that and choose not to date anymore unless Prince Charming comes knocking on my door! LOL

    Printing and mailing out those Newsletters became costly with the ink, paper and postage.

    With the Blog I can reach more of my family and friends. Unfortunately, the ones that do not use a computer are unable to read my blog. But, I have to cutback on my expenses and the Newsletters was one that was on my list.

    Hugs, Rose

  5. these are really good tips for anyone of any age in this economy.

    i so want a roomba- my best girl just got one from her honey and i have never seen a woman with four kids so excited about NOT having to do something.


  6. So sensible. I've had to cut back too and realized some of the same things here you've written. so much I really don't need. also preparing should I lose anymore money by paying off all my bills. getting wiser as i get older. thanks for sharing this!

  7. Nice writing job---
    and good tips on saving money.
    Your blog is always so personal and helpful---delightful reading!

  8. I have really cut back too. It is hard, my my time and peace of mind is worth more. People are more important than things.
    Good post.

  9. It is funny how you can find pleasure in so many little things to do. Going to the library, enjoying your friends, a walk on the beach. I my self love to window shop. I love looking at the new styles and fabrics. I never look at my size unless I really need something. The other dept's have much nicer clothes. It is fun to just "browse". I get my walking in that way to.
    This entry really reminded me how nice the simple things really are if we just take the time to appreciate them.

  10. Yep, we also look forward to seeing 'Roses are Read', has an entry. A lot of common sense there. And Common sense isn't so common anymore.
    I know it is bad to be torn on whether to go back 'Home' or not. Even in the Motor Home we face the same delimmea.
    Good entry, keep 'em coming. As you said these don't cost a lot!!!!
    Sherry & Jack

  11. Simple is better. We are driving to that goal, but also plan on having enough invested to allow one or two vacations a year.

  12. Lots of great advice, Rose. We live our lives in a very similar way, except we DO save up to go to Vegas once every few years and do a little gambling! ;) Hugs, Beth

  13. Hi Rose. With me it's books. I have more books than I will read. I canceled all my book club memberships. Lead me not into temptation.

    I also yearn to be back in New England, but Pennsylvania is a lot closer than Florida.


  14. It's not easy to exist on social security alone. I've found that my part time job as a hit man helps cover the expenses.


  15. Good advice for all. Have a wonderful weekend Rose, xv.

  16. Hi Rose,

    Great post! You can be frugal or just not live with what you need and still have a comfortable life. I have so many adult customers who still pay their kids insurance bills (and their kids are adults too!). I hope you the weather is finally cooling off down there so you can enjoy the pool more.

  17. Life definitely changes when a person retires. You already know I spend my early mornings in the gym. Fortunately my gym cost is covered by my health insurance. The one thing that I just gave up is my Timeshare, I know I will miss it. I do like some of the simple things like walking the beach or walking along the Pier downtown, or walking the mall;
    Take care and hope to see you soon.Janice