March 15, 2009

Everybody's Irish on St.Paddy's Day!

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I never downed a pint of green beer nor have I ever got pinched for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day! I'm Italian so I wore Orange! LOL P.S. I hate beer!

I have a friend that is from Ireland and she says it is a religious holiday and the first thing that the Irish do is go to church. She claims that here in America, March 17 is a day of beer-fueled frivolity for many, a secular holiday filled with visions of shamrocks and leprechauns more than penance and prayer. I personally think they are partaking of the green beer in Ireland and she is not admitting it! LOL

She said they never ate corned beef and cabbage on St. Paddy's day either. Really????? Nor is Dublin's River Liffey tinted green, she said, referring to Chicago's tradition of dying its river green.

This year, thousands will celebrate at Irish pubs and festivals throughout South Florida, including parades in Hollywood and Delray Beach as well as the Irish Fest on Flagler in West Palm Beach and the Irish Fest on Atlantic in Delray. And is there a more Irish city in the United States than South Boston?

The festivals are a way to celebrate Irish heritage, its music, food and dance.

"Everybody's Irish on St. Paddy's Day."


  1. To often we lose the original meaning of our holidays, they become something else entirely. Never the less, I will toast with a pint on Tuesday :o)

  2. The church forbade drinking during saint patty's day in ireland , the peasents in ireland ate bacon and potatoes , the elite ate ham during this holiday, cornedbeef was a jewish handover to the irish when they came to america there was no ham available.
    My Sassy was born on saint patty's day

  3. I always thought that was hilarious, but true...Everyone does seem to think they're Irish on St. Patrick's Day! (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Yep, just like everyone is Mexican on Cinco de Mayo. And Polish on Dyngus Day. What? You don't celebrate Dyngus Day? You don't know what you're missing....

    I read in the paper today that there will be a Mass at Notre Dame Tuesday morning. I think they get that out of the way early on so they can have fun later on.

    If corned beef and cabbage isn't an Irish tradition, I wonder how it got started? Hmm.

    Top o' the mornin' to ye, lass!

    ;) Beth

  5. I am irish on my moms side and my maternal relatives never made corned beef and cabbage!!!! Ha ha Nor have I ever had a green beer (not really fond of beer!) I'd have to agree with your friends assessment, only because one of my kids did a report on St Patricks day for school and it was pretty much the same.
    Happy St. Patricks day!

  6. Rose: And don't forget the big Irish Day parade here in South Boston. They have an absolutely beautiful day for it.

    Nice shamrock.


  7. I too am Italian and my mother insisted on celebrating the holiday as best she. She was your typical little Italian lady. She had no concept of corn beef so she used a smoked shoulder (this cut of meat she understood). We had our irish dinner...She had no idea what Irish soda bread was so we had some italian something or other that had raisens in it. It was great even in a very Italian house. I never went to the parade in Southie. Though I still remember when holidays were celebrated right on the day and a lot of the people from work work woul take the day off for the parade. Now the parade is a Sunday event. I think I liked it better the other way..

  8. Hi Ma, I was in Ireland for St Paddy's day last year. If it wasn't for all the x-patriots there you would never even know it existed. No green beer, no green tint in the river. There were some places w/ corned beef and cabbage wrapped in a big potato pancake.

  9. How, what a nice surprise! My son leaving a comment on my blog....yes, I remember your trip to Ireland last year. Perhaps, I should have called you for some information for this particular post! LOL

    Hugs, MOM

  10. I think we have the best of both worlds here celebrating and going to church. Dear St. Patrick has done a big favor in that many who would have never known of the Trinity have by now found out about his lesson of the Shamrock. I don't drink green beer or eat much corned beef unless it is on a Rubin sandwich, but I do have a little Irish in me. 'On Ya'-ma

  11. Most of the people in my area are of Scotch/Irish decent. But we don't celebrate St. Patrick's day like that here. The kids just make sure to wear some green to school. That's about the extent of our celebrating . LOL

  12. I always liked St. Patty's day, most of the time I forget to wear green. Had a sailor buddy who was Irish, loved to just listen to him talk. Love to read Jack Higgins because of the irish in his books.

  13. Hi Rose,
    Right you are ... everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day and why not. I think everyone falls for Santa on Christmas, too, regardless of your religion. I guess people just like to celebrate!

  14. I normally drink on Tuesday's anyway, but being Irish, It makes it even more fun. I wonder if that's why they say "take the high road?"


  15. In New York, St. Patrick's Day is a full day of festivites of one sort or another. Folks had better go to church because the parade of the Irish goes right past St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue. The green beer flows, but so does the Guiness and the Irish whisky (ouisge beatha). A few guys get arrested and everybody, Irish or otherwise, has a good time. DB